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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I haven't played the 2013 F1 yet but after playing 2012, i slowly go bored of it. what about adding a feature in career mode where drivers change teams after a certain amount of seasons and have it so that you can design the liveries of your team for that year.  Also would be awesome to see the damage models be more realistic because in 2012 and 2013, ive noticed that hitting a wall doesn't do much, what about having it if you hit the wall you can damage the steering, suspension and other mechanical units (parts) and have the car handle differently. Plus also have more mechanical failures (eg. steering failure, tyre failure, gearbox failure etc...) yes there are mechanical failures but after playing through all 7 seasons in career mode, ive not had one failure of some sort which i think isn't realistic at all. Another one would be to improve the penalty system, instead of getting an instant warning or penalty as soon as you drive dangerously or corner cut. what about having a review system so you get a message pop up saying "incident under review" and after say a certain number of laps or post race have a message pop up saying that you have received a penalty for such and such and have lost points, drive through penalty or a grid penalty depending on the severity of the incident.  and please bring back back formation laps and cool down laps and post race interviews