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  1. DillarF1

    engine suppliers missing sponsor badges

    I was so excited to have the engine logo on myteam. I hope they implement it for 2021.
  2. DillarF1

    Escape Road @ T1 Monza

    Fully agree with this. Such a strange one, but it is a bit annoying.
  3. DillarF1

    Suggested New Features for F1 2021

    Love the cool down lap idea. Doesn't even have to be a lap, maybe just the first sector. Similar to goal celebrations in Fifa.
  4. DillarF1

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Tbh, I can't imagine the teams care too much about individual driver ratings. Otherwise Red Bull would kick off over Albon, AT over Gasly, Williams over Latifi etc. Team ratings might be different, as evidenced by the still over powered Ferrari team in this edition.
  5. DillarF1

    F2 2020 Unrealistic Drivers Performance

    Renders it unplayable for me, completely breaks the illusion that I'm playing the 2020 F2 season. Such a shame.
  6. DillarF1

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    And this is exactly why they should allow us to edit driver ratings, like NBA 2k, Fifa, Madden etc.
  7. DillarF1

    Formula 2 (2020) is Amazing !!! But ...

    This is hardly surprising I think. The complexity of driver performance is probably beyond the simplistic driver rating system. Past performance still appears to hold far too much power too.
  8. DillarF1

    F2 2020

    Doesn't look like you can use them in myteam, so no visible ratings at the moment.
  9. DillarF1

    F1 2021 Career Mode Ideas

    NBA2K games do this really really well. Generally throwaway interactions, but it really helps with the immersion. It helps that these guys are usually fans of the games, which perhaps with the Albon/Russell/Norris generation, we might see them be willing. An in-game social media feed, like twitter, is a good tool as well.
  10. DillarF1

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    The only reason they don't all pit at the same time, is if they're too close to a teammate. So it has the illusion of choice, but if you actually look at it, they don't.
  11. DillarF1

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    I fully understand what you're saying. There is something sterile about the racing, and while it never becomes a chore, it does feel a bit uninspiring. The weather system I think others have touched on, but it is utterly pointless. Everyone pits at the same time, and you can't drive around the weather. By which I mean, put on inters early. There is a very specific time to pit, that the AI without fail, nails. That said, I'm sure they're aware of what can be improved, and until then I am thankful for online leagues etc, for some of that human element.
  12. Yeah, I get this, I'm 4 seasons into a myteam. It's a shame that we cannot influence that growth with support though. Facilities aside, it's underwhelming.
  13. Strange. Have you tried altering it, to see if anything changes?
  14. Really is a shame that these boosts are temporary. It makes building, and developing your teammate a waste of time. Seeing my favourite F2 drivers languishing around at the back, is not fun, or true to life.