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  1. Same issue here, but i imagine you'll need to file a proper report, otherwise they will ignore this.
  2. No, not yet. There's a great F1 game in here, but it's currently just riddled with bugs.
  3. Leclerc to Alfa Romeo made me instantly abandon my career mode. Shambolic.
  4. Well that's frustrating then. 😢
  5. I've noticed that there is no option to not change tyres at a stop. At first glance, this isn't a huge issue, however once you start running in F2 you realise it's a race-breaker, as they have an extremely limited tyre allocation. For example, if the AI have an incident, post their scheduled tyre change, and they require a wing replacement. They'll come in, and be forced onto the older tyres. This means that they'll then do a lap, before having to come in again to get rid of the dead rubber. An option to not change tyres should be added to the menu, and offered to the AI, to
  6. They need to let us edit them. Leclerc 88 is a bad joke. Especially compared to the Mclaren boys on 91 and 90.
  7. It's nice to have extra drivers, but I'd rather see more realistic options. Kubica, Grosjean, Herta, Vergne, Vandoorne etc.
  8. DillarF1

    Gulf Mclaren

    That's hot. 🔥 And I second that call for a proper livery editor.
  9. DillarF1

    Gulf Mclaren

    I would gladly buy pitcoins for this content 😂😅
  10. DillarF1

    Gulf Mclaren

    Petition for new (one-off) Mclaren livery to be added to the new game as an option. 😍
  11. At no point did I ask to have anything explained, and certainly not explained by someone who clearly doesn't understand how change occurs in any industry. Also, this is a suggestion thread. 😂
  12. I think Codemasters could take a lot from the 2k series. The social media elements, and maybe even the neighbourhood type stuff applied to a paddock setting.
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