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  1. Yeah, Dirt 3 has some shenanigans with tyre grip on the handbrake wheels to make it easier to kick the back end out.
  2. @Synck you say you're using the G27 - what steering angle have you set up? The reason I ask is that over-input is a common cause of understeer (especially with the 60's class, they have the lowest grip tyre), and if you are suffering from the FFB issues that are being reported then you might not be getting that slip feedback through the wheel. We use 270 degrees in the office for that wheel, the more you go over that the weaker the FFB is (this is the cause of the bug, which the team are working to resolve).
  3. Regarding the hairpins, in previous titles the clutch used to be fully pressed when the handbrake was engaged which allowed the rear to lock up and the fronts to free wheel. In this game, that doesn't happen in FWD and 4WD cars (it has to happen in RWD). This was to allow players to control the fronts with the brake/throttle independently to the rears, and it's this change in behaviour that I think is catching a lot of people out. Is it the front wheel drive cars you are struggling with at hairpins? Do you try to weight shift or rely on the handbrake to pivot the car? What throttle/brake inpu
  4. You guys are in the sections above the gossipers, 'Handling Advisors' and 'Test Drivers'
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