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    My team completed

    So for most of the races AI level was 102-105 depending on the track, and on tracks like austria and monaco 110. Alot of flashbacks have been used but mainly in qualifying, most races were 25% and some 5 laps, mostly the races after i won the championship lol, just to progress through the next season. And in terms of assists and pov: elite & Cockpit

    My team completed

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share my “my team” journey and the achievements achieved along the way! My initial plan was to resurrect Force india and obliterate Racing point (which i very much did!) alongside lord Mahveer Ragunathan After one season, he was he bit to slow so i brought in Mick Schumacher resulting in him winning a few races on his own! Then came a fellow dutchie, a 100!!! Rated Max Verstappen onboard and won his first championship in dominant fashion Charles Leclerc, George Russel and Pierre Gasly were teammates aswell but never had the succes like Max did. To end on a very fun and unique experience in the F1 games, hereby i wanna thank codies on creating this gamemode and hopefully even better things await us! (Photo #1: Full career results, matched Vettel in terms of wins as well!) (Photo #2: Season 10 livery)

    Engine Deals- MyTeam

    How have i not received anything than with 4 consecutive titles😂😅

    Engine Deals- MyTeam

    Hello everyone, I was watching one of Aarava’s Myteam career mode videos, and came across this (see photo attached). Has anyone got this aswell, iam into season 7 and havent gotten anything like it, anyone? Or is it possible he modded this in? Let me know please🙌🏽

    Ai Difficulty

    This really differs per track for me, I usually sit in between 101-110, but for silverstone i need to drop below 100 to stay competitive, but for monaco and austria 110 is almost too easy😅

    Equal performance on offline - Grand Prix Mode

    Thats the thing, they wont, as all the AI have driver ratings which differentiates them individualy
  7. I dont want to sound greedy, but with most of us here missing out on the promised 15k pitcoins at release, with the addition of all the people already having played the game, thus missing out on completing challenges and so that are tied with the podium pass, i know not everyone would have bought the podium pass from those intial coins, but i feel like we missed out big time here, any plans for any compensation?
  8. 1. Schumacher Edition 2. Digital via Xbox store 3. 16/6/2020 4. Not yet, was planning to if it took to long for the original coins to be added🙂

    Engine sound problem

    Same issue on xbox 1.2, its not only the sound but also the performance

    Career/MyTeam Calendar

    Got it🙌🏽

    Career/MyTeam Calendar

    But we can choose the circuits we actually want to race in a 16 or 10 race format, or isnt that an option aswell?
  12. Dont think this is the case for playstation, as they are not gonna use the same sort of system xbox is using with smart delivery, so regardless of what codemasters does, it wont be available, for free at least, as an upgrade

    F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

    Iam pretty sure he is asking for a sim-ception, so.... are we?
  14. Iam definitely gonna recreate Force india and crush Racing point, as i always had a soft spot for force india and after the takeover of lawrence stroll i am still pretty mad, and i also have to sign the lord, the king, Mahaveer Raghunathan 😂