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    XB1 - Some Saved Data Reset

    Oh wow, now i get it. Well thanks for the help, now it wont be able to be restored again. FML

    XB1 - Some Saved Data Reset

    Yeah I restarted the game and restarted my xbox, nothing happend

    XB1 - Some Saved Data Reset

    So apparently there should be only one save, which is there, a save of 105 mb. So i think it should be that but its not synchronizing

    XB1 - Some Saved Data Reset

    So the thing is, when you check the data tab for the corresponding game, there should be 2 saves, one for online and one for offline, now there is only the online one, but i still have all my achievements.

    XB1 - Some Saved Data Reset

    So, i was trying to join someone in a lobby via the xbox friends tab, as it got stuck on the loading screen that says “joining lobby” i quit the game and restarted the game. But when i got back on, i had to create a new avatar. This got me thinking, surely not. And then, when i finished creating a new avatar, there i was, with my jaw dropped to the floor. I got hit with an empty account, no career mode save anymore, no championship save anymore, all my trophies gone, replays etc. The only thing left was my multiplayer data. I was into my 8th season in career mode, blood, sweat and tears. GONE in a second. It was probably because i quit the game as it was loading me in a lobby, but this wasnt the first time i did this. Can anyone of the devs maybe explain what the cause of all this was, i know i cant get my save back, but just some explaining would be highly appreciated!

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Well, as everybody knows, the coronavirus is hitting the world by storm as has it hit F1, with the first couple of rounds postponed. The question now is, what does this mean for F1 2020? With Codemasters having little to none IRL data to work with, are we possibly facing a delay. Dont get me wrong here, our health and safety is obviously the main priority, but i was just wondering if my theory could be correct, what do y’all think?

    Handling in 2019

    This is sooo true, I literally went on f1 2017 this weekend, and its so much more enjoyable and easy to drive rather than 2019, its way to understeery and just to numb as you said, even the 2018 handling model was and is still way more enjoyable than 2019!

    F1 2020 Beta

    To come back on this topic, any devs who can answer this question??

    F1 2020 Beta

    Is there going to be any type of beta program this for the upcoming F1 title like we have had for the previous years?

    The most boring track on f1?

    Baku is actually very enjoyable for me in career mode

    Maximum Reliabilty bug

    Iam on Xbox one, iam now on season 2 belgian grand prix, i joined mclaren that race and noticed that the reliability was maxed out which meant that the components didint wear at all, nice right, well i always simulate the practice sessions but its says that “some component are to wear for this session” when there is no wear at all. Pls have a look at this

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    Yeah, i was thinking about adding the open wheel addon to my collection as i now use the f1 ferrari addon for 2 years to be exacted, it showing some wear and is getting a bit rough, steering and button wise, so iam really considering getting the open wheel one, as i have heard good story’s about it.
  13. Welp just i wanted to stop hoping for being chosen, i get the mail, whahahahaa. People that have xbox should recieve it now! Oh and this is my 3rd participation in a row for the beta, Thanks codies for the honor and trust😊
  14. I have Signed up and cant wait for the final results 🤗🤗