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  1. Yeah exactly! I wanted to take either of their roles and play out the championship but i guess that wont happen
  2. Oh than i have must over looked it then but still, I thought we would be taken over the roll of a real driver and take it om from their, ah well cant have everything in life
  3. Well as the title states, where is it? Iam guessing it will be released with the new tracks but besides that i am very curious 😅
  4. First of all mate, this a English speaking forum, en niet een Nederlandse, so refrain from speaking Dutch please! Second of all, when beta codes do get sent, or atleast an email to the successful people, iam sure we’ll get a update in the original Beta 2021 thread that they are distributed, iam sure their ready when they are ready (Voor als je geen engels kan grootte vriend, emails worden vanzelf wel verstuurd en we zien het op de forums ook wel wanneer dat daadwerkelijk gebeurt 🙂)
  5. Exactly! @BarryBL I would suggest that now is the perfect time to close this thread as its becoming off topic and irrelevant as we all now know whats gonna happen 😅
  6. On the xbox store (see pic) xbox cross gen is supported so I assume same goes for Playstation
  7. Iam 99% sure the game is already cross gen , so ps4 with ps5 and xbox one and series x/s. Only thing were “missing” is cross play between ps and xbox in general
  8. As seem from the tweet attached, its been confirmed in the next update for dirt tomorrow their will be cross-platform, does this mean we may see this feature coming to F1 2021? If it is thats a massive dub for codies as that will be a game changer😄
  9. So yeah this tweet from Tiametmarduk, confirming turkey WONT be in the game, so i think now is the appropriate time to close this topic @BarryBL
  10. Happy birthday Barry 🥳, best community manager ever and exactly what this community needed, just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the last period! Hopefully you will be around for a lot of years mate, dont leave please 😅
  11. Glad to hear this, at least its known with the developers and hopefully this will be more developed for future games 😄
  12. Yea I actually meant f1 2011 AND 2010, my comments were mostly about the other games mentioned, little miscommunication bro thats all haha
  13. Thats literally what i said lol
  14. Lol it isnt in those games apart from F1 2011, its only in the other games via mods
  15. So for most of the races AI level was 102-105 depending on the track, and on tracks like austria and monaco 110. Alot of flashbacks have been used but mainly in qualifying, most races were 25% and some 5 laps, mostly the races after i won the championship lol, just to progress through the next season. And in terms of assists and pov: elite & Cockpit
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