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    Maximum Reliabilty bug

    Iam on Xbox one, iam now on season 2 belgian grand prix, i joined mclaren that race and noticed that the reliability was maxed out which meant that the components didint wear at all, nice right, well i always simulate the practice sessions but its says that “some component are to wear for this session” when there is no wear at all. Pls have a look at this

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    Yeah, i was thinking about adding the open wheel addon to my collection as i now use the f1 ferrari addon for 2 years to be exacted, it showing some wear and is getting a bit rough, steering and button wise, so iam really considering getting the open wheel one, as i have heard good story’s about it.
  3. Welp just i wanted to stop hoping for being chosen, i get the mail, whahahahaa. People that have xbox should recieve it now! Oh and this is my 3rd participation in a row for the beta, Thanks codies for the honor and trust😊
  4. I have Signed up and cant wait for the final results 🤗🤗