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  1. Honestly I don't, I need to catch back up with the F1 stuff as I was largley looking after Overlord last week so I'll know more about what's next on Monday. I did play the game a bit on Wednesday afternoon as we got a new build in, it was my first time playing it on a wheel and oh man it was good - I was playing on a T300Rs, that wheel knows how to kick! (might have to get one for myself)  On Thursday we (not me personally) took the game and the wheel/playseat down to Williams to get some feedback on the handling from their test driver (forgive me I've forgot his name - it wasn't Susie,
  2. That's quite funny as you are being very negative yourself in your criticism of RT, Take your own advice, keep it to yourself, no need to cause arguments over opinions. :) and RT's lap dog comes in on que
  3. It was pretty dead last night... I actually went and played something else.  I hope people come back.  Maybe CM should do a "race the devs" night on xbox to try and tempt ppl back lol :smile:  this would be funny , i can see it know every dev getting put into the wall in every corner
  4. LOL anybody reading the F1 threads ,same old, same old  patch , repatch,corrupted files blah,blah 
  5. yes you can tune and upgrade but they DONT WORK, so it is a waste of "leakey memory"
  6. hit the brakes at the start and let the AI get 3/4 of a lap a head and then its free sailing . One bad lap and two good laps are better then three bad laps
  7. Works fine for me, do you have the latest TX driver and firmware? Not sure that makes a difference but it is supported and mine works fine. http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/05/grid-autosport-supported-wheels/ Thanks for the reply. Yep when i got the wheel i installed the latest firmware and drivers and that was just about a wwek ago. Here is an odd thing too. When i start the wheel and want to use it in pc games i have to start the wheel, open the wheel control panel, wait a few minutes for the wheel to be recognized in the control panel and then i can start the game. Same with you? Also,
  8. I know it is a small percentage, but, if you were one of them  (with no internet) would you feel the same way about buying a game that when you got it home you couldnt use it? I just bought the evil within and the disc is actually unplayable without the 1.01 patch. Why we now think its okay to release an unfinished game is rubbish. Didnt happen when PS1 and XBOX were not connected to the internet, why we think it okay now befuddles me. Dont release the game til its done. Because its happening more and more dont make it right. I agree withyou, the game should work out of the box. 
  9. go to GT Planet and read some of the forums and you will change your mind 
  10. $5.99 and their is no reaview mirror,never was, and never will be for the ps3
  11. has anybody tried the clutch in non drag pack races yet ?  I see the option in the settings ,just wondering if you can feather the clutch into corner at "spa "
  12. I wonder if the online is only racing "ghost " because i cant see how a lobby would work
  13. is the impact rating fixed also ? stop the rammers
  14. hope to see some video's soon , wondering how the online lobby system workd ( 2 at a time,bracket racing ??)
  15. why in the last week or so the text is all broken up ,on the hole site ?
  16. Don't bother nobody plays them anyway, all it does is segregate lobbies of what little people that are left. Maybe they should look Drive club DLC; free tracks  ,and buy the cars 
  17. carefull what you ask for,every time they add something they BREAK something
  18. yes i had a freeze on the ps3 ,racenet Mt. Panorama , first time ever havent tried it again yet
  19.    I was thinking the same thing, but 12 friends in a mini is fun though
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