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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXcg04v6kTY#t=847 Skip to the 28 minute mark. You can have unlimited flashbacks this time. And if you look in the middle of all the assists: You can toggle steering assist on/off. I assume thats the steering assist used by pad users, (usually) unavailable to wheel users. 
  2. Question to CM:Now that immersion has taken a further hit by having generic steering wheels on half the cars, I started wondering about the pecking order.Is Mercedes actually a full second ahead of the rest of the pack in F1 2014? Because I expect you to tone them down to a tenth or two advantage all in the name of fun and balance. Perhaps with the excuse you took the results and pecking order of the first qualifying, while it was wet and not reflective of the true pecking order this season.   I noticed that in the first trailer there are 2 shots of a Merc driving in the middle of the pack at the start of a race (Spa & Hungary) which makes me suspicious.  My opinion: You should not come up with your own grid and your own rules. Us fans want an F1 game, not a Codemasters game which happens to have the current F1 cars and tracks in them.Like I said, not all steering wheels are accurate, no 3 practice sessions, no warm up lap, no live the life lap so immersion is already at a low point in my eyes. Even though this post doesnt show it, I do love your F1 games (F1 2013 is the best so far).
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    My thoughts on pad handling

    My thoughts on the pad's steering: Steering with a pad is a pain in the behind. Its too unresponsive even though the front end is very grippy. I like the fact that Gran Turismo 5 incorporated a slider for steering sensitivity as it would be very welcome in this game. Austria's S3 is a good example as you have to slow down just enough and turn in at the perfect time to make the corners without eating grass or you will lose heaps of time slowing down to much. You just cant make any fast steering corrections. F1 2013 was alot better in this regard.
  4. Warlord9883

    Alex Gillon..... Hahahaha!!

    Apparently he did get a free copy won by AOR. Still complains as if he paid a $100 while in reality he probably hasn't purchased an F1 game since F1 2010. What an entitled douche...
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    Driver Numbers

  6. Warlord9883

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    Sorry to spoil it, my (ps3) copy is arriving tomorrow and I'm sure it will be the same for most people who pre-ordered.
  7. Warlord9883

    F1 2014 Gameplay Videos

    I assume then that you use assists You assumed wrong In what world were the last generation of F1 cars NOT glued to the track? J*s*s christ.... Real life cars were on rails last year.
  8. Warlord9883

    @Hatta F1 2014 online

    Technically they are not auto-spin curbs but more like launch curbs. Bahrain is the worst. I believe its mostly caused by the front wing end plate hitting the curb which sends you flying off into 1 direction. I had the same issue in F1 2012, but there it was just limited to Hockenheim's first corner which send me into the far left barrier at 190 mph...
  9. Warlord9883

    which if your favourite f1 game?

    "2014? As far as I've seen. New cars might be fun to drive but the whole game experience has been stripped bare! less tracks, less cars and less career than 2013.. not to mention the addition of a very easy mode... Legendary is barely a challenge as it is.. if you're struggling with amateur and need a very easy mode then just give up! " Then you haven't seen enough. Legend AI is much faster than last year (about 2 seconds). And the whole experience stripped bare? Handling, tyre management, fuel management and Legend AI all got massive upgrades. Which means the racing is better than its ever been. The main downside is old hardware -> barely improved graphics and wrong steering wheels.
  10. And Vettel to Ferrari. Thats old news man. :) 2015 is shaping up to be a legendary season.
  11. Great video, but I dont get how Rosberg is so fast all of a sudden? He's a second faster than anyone while none of the other video's even remotely show this. I wonder why the guy in the vid didnt gear up sooner. Maybe he gets more power at the cost of fuel?
  12. Warlord9883

    A.I Difficulty

    @Matt Yeah thats because the AI is still subpar in lap 1. And in your examples your forgetting this guy is overtaking lesser cars driving a Williams. He couldnt pass a Ferrari which is on par/better than the Williams tier wise. His fastest lap is on par with Mercedes & RBR and just a few tenths faster than Alonso.
  13. Warlord9883

    A.I Difficulty

    In every video I've seen so far the AI look like they're braking stupidly early! They are almost an obstacle!  In my observations so far I'd say the AI tends to brake stupidly early on the easier difficulties. Dont forget most of the released video's display intermediate or professional AI.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LxYQ8kkDbw Judging the way this guy is driving I would guess this is legend AI. It looks way better regarding braking (and AI pace).
  14. Warlord9883

    F1 2014 Japanese ver. Some reports!

    Thanks for the update. So you think Legend AI is faster than F1 2013? Your english is good enough but what do you mean by the following: "AI can't against tier,too!" ? @Hatta Is there any chance the tiers can be updated/patched? Like patching in an extra tier just for Mercedes. Or move some stuff around:  1. Mercedes 2. RBR, Ferrari, Williams 3. FI, Mclaren, TR 4. Sauber, Lotus, Caterham, Marussia
  15. Wow, RBR 3rd and 4th (could have been 1st and 3rd) on a Mercedes track..... Why am I not surprised. Rosberg should have been able to pass Vettel in the first few laps with the help of DRS and he should have won easily after that. #Realism  Edit: Not to mention this guy isnt driving perfect, he barely plays F1 games, its his first few laps at Bahrain but he is still faster than Expert AI. What was the gap between Expert and Legend AI in F1 2013? 2 seconds? 
  16. Warlord9883

    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

    If you say so I say more than that.  I say only Chavs drive with a console controller. Sadly for you I'd drive circle around you with a controller. The fact that you dont have the finesse to use a controller properly does not  mean no one else has.
  17. Warlord9883

    Double points - on and off?

    No way in hell m8. Licensing issues.... Or was it outdated hardware....
  18. Warlord9883

    Authentic grid? Mercedes miles ahead?

    Pretty much confirms it indeed. Any question which requires "Yes, its in! :)" gets answered within a few hours. They stopped replying on questions that need answers like "Sorry we cant due to limitations", "Sorry thats not what we want to do", "Sorry, licensing" and more blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaa. Atleast now I know I can stop caring about F1 2014 completely.
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    Be smart, don't pre-order. They don't care so neither should we.
  20. Warlord9883

    Releasing in Japan 2 weeks before everywhere else?

    It says 2014 so its definitely the 2nd of October. Another kick in the nuts..... F1 2014 won't even reach the 1.000.000 sales mark. They would be lucky to win over 500.000 idiots ..
  21. Warlord9883

    Authentic grid? Mercedes miles ahead?

    I was thinking the same thing. But they could easily put Mercedes in their own tier as they have such an obvious advantage. In 2011 Vettel was dominant, Webber was not so thats why I thought CM didnt make the RBR dominant in their game. This year its obvious: Both Hamilton and Rosberg dominate the field by a full second.