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  1. s1234

    Can activate DRS entire lap

    IT'S NOT A BUG OR GLITCH  since DRS has been in the game  you have alway's been able to do a full lap with DRS active  as long as you do not touch the brake's or press the DRS  button  ...  But this is in the real life?
  2. s1234

    Pace times AI Legend vs Expert

    Im doing the mid races of the season, Canada, Austria, Monaco... and did the pole position in this three circuits, and podium in two of them. I think the difficulty between tracks is very variable, so Australia is difficult (traction problems), and Austria is easy because traction is not a key factor. The last corner of Silverstone is very difficult because traction. The A.I. did it as they has Control Traction.
  3. Hi, I found a little bug, or glitch. I was driving in Silverstone, and connected the DRS in the back straight in the trainings. I was saving fuel, so i didn't brake in the corner, and I was able to connect the DRS again. I didn't braked in the last chicane and I was able to connect it. For trying this glitch, I can drive entire lap with the DRS). It is disconnected and you don't be able to connect it until you are in a DRS zone, when you brake.
  4. s1234

    I cant block tires WITHOUT ABS

    If you use high pressure instead of standard pressure (in settings) and press hard on the brake's you can lock up the front brake's without ABS on ... Hi, i ever play with high preasure of break. So try it and you will see it's a lot easier to lock the front brake's try it in a practice season you can always change it back and restart the season again so it does not effect your  game play ... I say that in '10/11/12/13/14 I played with high preasure brake. I think you understood "I never play" instead I ever play that I wrote.
  5. s1234

    I cant block tires WITHOUT ABS

    If you use high pressure instead of standard pressure (in settings) and press hard on the brake's you can lock up the front brake's without ABS on ... Hi, i ever play with high preasure of break.
  6. Hi, I play with wheel and no ABS, and I cant block the tires. On 2010/11/12/13 breaking system was easy, but I could block the tires easly if I brake too much. But this year, I'm surprised because CM did a very good system, good traction that have much less grip, but the braking system is very bad. I don't know if is a bug, that you cant really desactivate the ABS, or is this way, but in heavy rain for example, full braking cant block the tires (obviusly i don't want to block them doing races). Only can block full braking on grass, at the end of the braking.
  7. s1234

    Started race in pole, finish 19

    No, because my setup was a full wet setup, because I knew that it can rain and was monaco, and hig aero setup.
  8. s1234

    Started race in pole, finish 19

    I think you describe it very well, 3 laps raining, but 2 are only visual and suddently, it comes wet. This was not the case in F1 2010. In F1 2010, the AI was extremely slow in the wet. If you had a wet race, you were pretty much guaranteed a win. In 2010 y have VERY problems beacuse raining phisics and visual was not mismatched. You could see the track very very wet and go with option tires because really was not raining. Or don't see the rain but drive as raining very much. Of course A.I. knew that and put tires in the correct lap. 
  9. Hi, I normally do the 12 position in Qualy and 14 in race with McLaren in career, no assists, wheel and 50% race and Legend. Ok, I did the monaco Qualy, and did the Pole position (very big difference of difficulty between tracks). 39 Laps, and 69% rain expected. Start with option tires, pit stop and put option again. I'm 1rst saving fuel and saving tires. Start raining 4 laps later, and put inters. Now is when the A.I. fly. In the last lap before put Inters, the track was wet and very difficult, but A.I. still doing SAME times. We put Inters, and A.I. now is 1 second better than me per lap. Rain more in 10 laps, and we put Wet tires (they sitll doing very good laps and me trying to keep in the track with the same tires...). Put Wet tires, and now they are 2 seconds faster than me. I finished 19, the last position. I'm not bad in wet conditions, but I think A.I. don't have traction problems NEVER.
  10. s1234

    Pace times AI Legend vs Expert

    Yep Im doing the career with McLaren, I'm not so fast than I want, but is a lot easier than a low car.
  11. s1234

    The BUG Thread

    One fo me: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/4449/bug-in-pit-stop-ruined-my-race?new=1
  12. Hi, I'm doing a career in F1 2014. No assists, 50%, and damage and all SIM as possible. Ok, I was doing the race of Barcelona. Trainings, Q1, Q2... I Qualifyed 12. Started the race, 32 laps, and did my pit stop. I was 8. Three laps after (My team mate was in hard tires and I started in Soft), did him pit stop. When I pass to the main straight, I saw his position and other driver in the mini map, in the pit lane zone. Each lap I passed through this zone, I ever saw they in the minimap, I don't think they are shown if they are desqulified, but I thinked that they must be crashed and now they are inside the garage. I did my 2nd pit stop, and my surprise. They were in the pit stop zone! Yes, as they doing the pit, but there were no mechanics, no men, only the car stopped. So My car putted into the pit zone, but no mechanics commed to me for changing the tires. So I could be here entire race, because nothing happened. Is the first time that occour, but destroyed my strategic and interesting race.
  13. s1234

    Wet Weather transitions are much improved!

    I think is the same, not bad. I think is just the best game in this sense. But A.I. must do lap times slower when the transition are slow rain/full/rain. I pit stopped today in the lap 22/28 and put wet tires, and A.I. inters. Lap per lap rain increased, there were more water, but A.I still doing same lap times than before, and loosed 5 positions because I was very slow with this tires.
  14. s1234

    HUD Off

    I think when you play without HUD is awesome, you can concentrate more, but we need a engineer that bring us much more information. The lap you are, for example, 4 laps remaining for expected pit stop, more pace of A.I., who are behind you and if slower or faster...
  15. s1234

    AI pace in the wet?

    Yes but A.I. don't have tire perform. so you will loose more pace in the last laps of the tires.