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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Great game, much much better racing than Grid 2 - my feedback: Change Release Management 1) Have better quality control on your code release - the last patch for Autosport is awful and sending players away - my xbox freezes constantly now - all other Grid autosport players have the same issue DLC - 1) Much better that people can race DLC and non DLC cars together. 2) £10 for Touring Legends is asking too much of the fans when the game has been inherently been unstable since release - that should have been a thank you to the loyal people who buy your games. 3) Don't release tracks from Grid 2 as chargeable DLC - left a sour taste for many who bought Autosport after Grid 2 4) No Nurburgring!! Variety 1) Aside from Custom Races, the general online lobby's are too repetitive for the combinations of cars and tracks - spice it up more Car Cost/Repairs 1) Initially too expensive to repair and now too cheap - find a better balance. $100k per race seas too much 2) Harder for some of the racers to earn enough money - keep the bug that rewards you for selling tricked up cars for silly money - that was great and allowed people to buy other cars and race other classes Hope this is useful