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  1. Odemdemz said:
    Some are kinda dumb..Lose 5 places? Lose championship battle in last race? Get five penalties? What are those really achieving? Other than that, some pretty good stuff there.
    yeah I know. some of these ideas need fine-tuning. I'm just playing F1 2015 for the achievements because this game doesn't offer very much, does it? After one season of championship mode I got bored. Mulitplayer on PC is broken as hell.
    Well, and these current F1 2015 achievements are just stupid and silly. for example: Set 50 clean laps at Sochi in Time Trail in a Marussia?! I mean why would you do this?!
    So I want to create "real life achievements". Achievements which are based on true incidents. That's why I came up with the ideas "lose championship battle in the last race" which relates to Massa in Brazil 2009.
    If you get at achievements unlocked you have to play career mode more than one time :) 

    and I tweeted this post to a dev and he favoured it :) maybe we will see some of my ideas in the next F1 game

  2. Name of Achievement:

    Nico hit me!:
    Collide with your teammate while fighting for points
    Multi 21:
    Pass your teammate for victory (teammate must finish 2nd or 3rd)
    Doing a Mark Webber:
    Lose 5 places on the start
    Doing a Fernando Alonso:
    Gain 2 places on the start
    Smiling Ozzie:
    Overtake at least 5 cars in the race
    Set two consecutive fastest laps in the race
    Grande Vettel!:
    Win the Italian GP in your first season
    That's not very nice!:
    Overtake a car in monaco while touching it
    Leave me alone!:
    Win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
    Easy come, easy go:
    Lose the championship battle in the last race
    Sweet Victory:
    Win the championship battle in the last race
    Bernie says: Think before you drive
    Finish your first F1 race
    Maldonado Style:
    Get three Penalties in one race
    Not bad for a number 2 driver:
    Be behind your teammate every season at a weekend but win the race
    Forza Ferrari!:
    Win the Constructors' Championship with Ferrari
    After taking a long break
    Win the Constructors' Championship with Mercedes
    Start of a streak
    Win the Constructors' Championship with Red Bull
    But can you do it on a hot night in singapore?
    Win the Singapore GP
    So done!!!:
    Win the WDC before the last race
    Full distance!
    Finish an 100% Race
    Bring it over the distance:
    Finish a race although your has ERS failed
    You will always be in our hearts Jules:
    Score points with manor-marussia
    Slipstream Hero:
    Overtake two cars in a DRS Zone
    Not a Energy Drink:
    Finish in the Top 3 with a Toro Rosso
    We are the Champions!!!
    Win the WDC
    That's what I am talking about
    Get 10 consecutive Poles

    What do you think about these achievements?
    More to come! ;)

  3. time from pit entry to pit exit

    20 sec
    25 sec
    21 sec
    24 sec
    20 sec
    22 sec
    22 sec
    17 sec
    18 sec
    37 sec
    20 sec
    21 sec
    24 sec
    25 sec
    23 sec
    22 sec
    20 sec
    23 sec
    19 sec
    Abu Dhabi
    19 sec

  4. oeicoeic said:
    I would say give the title to some one who can create a proper game   as CM  have created yet another rubbish product I am  glad I aint bought this version  ...
    yeah as codemasters said, they built this game from scratch. so they went back to square one. and as we all know they was no SC in the "first" (FYMI: F1 2009 was their first game. came out on Wii. so no one knows^^) F1 game in 2010. so they going to implement new stuff in their next games. and this makes me sad :/ I want a proper game. with SC, with scenario mode, with career mode and so on. but they couldn't deliver.
    and I really hope that codemasters is still working on this game and that they change stuff here and there.

  5. hey, 
    After playing F1 2015 for a few hours and I came up with a few improvements here and there

    1. I don't like the presets for the championship season. My favourite setup is: 60 min Practice. Q1 Q2 Q3 and 25% Race. You can't do this anymore :( I hope they will fix this ASAP
    2. I can not believe there is no Safety Car anymore 
    I really hope Codemasters will inplement it again in the next few weeks
    3. There is no music anymore in the music. Remembering all these great tracks in F1 2010 and 2011 it's really sad. Is there a way to mod this into the game? Please let me know
    4. No weather forecast for Race and Qualifying
    5. No R&D 

    Some of these can be patched into the game or there will be mods in the near future

    Please write down your (realistic) ideas and wishes ;)

  6. hey codemasters community, 
    f1 2015 is coming out "soon". The next F1 game will come out for the PC and new consoles (PS4 and XBOX ONE).
    this means they can implement new, better stuff because more power is available and here are my ideas:

    1. bring back press conferences and interviews
    3. add installation laps, warm up laps, lap of honor.
    4. bring back the old menu. I want to see the paddock like it was in f1 2011... in the last two f1 games there were no atmosphere (proposal: same beginning as f1 2011. you are sitting in your own trailer. If you wanna go to the race you have to click to the door. You stand up, get out of your trailer, you are walking to your garage, in the meantime you get interviewed by ted kravitz or kai ebel. they ask you a few question about the upcoming race blah blah blah.. then in the garage you put your helmet on, get into the car and start racing :) .
    5. improve the saftey car. it never comes out (25% race distance) (min. 4-5 SC in one season please!)
    6. a "helmet creator". so I can create my own design (+ choose my own personal number for the season + MORE and DIFFERENT helmets)
    10. there should be a symbol when my engineer is talking to me -> teamradio symbol. (maybe they can invite current team bosses to speak a few sentences :D)
    11 update the HUD. it's quite outdated. just to mix things up a little bit :)

    another example
    11.1  you manage the ERS. So you decide how much energy you wanna discharge after every corner. for example you can say: I wanna deploy 25% of my energy after turn 1, 25% after turn 3 and 50% after turn 6. Then there should be an overtake button. This allows you to change your "discharge" tactics (which you set before the race). If you wanna overtake someone, maybe all of your energy gets discharged on a long straight 
    As we all know a 2015 F1 car's fuel consumption is limited (100 kg per hour, correct me If am mistaken) So there are only two option in my opinion: 1. go fast, put the pedal to the medal or 2. save fuel there is no cross between these to onesTherefore I thought "why do we have this old system in the recent F1 games?" and here is my proposal:First of all you need to set your decharging points for a track. This means you decide where your ERS is activated for example: 10% after turn 1, 50% on a straight and the rest after the last cornerhttp://puu.sh/gJjn2/b11b9c6c2a.jpg
    OVERTAKE (MIX 1): If you set this option, ERS gets deployed on straights before good overtake opportunities. It's the famous "overtake button". Before the race begins you decide your decharging tactics. This mode comes in handy when you stuck behind a slow car.
    STANDARD (MIX 2): this mode is self-explaining. It's the normal mode.
    SAVE (MIX 3): At mix 3 you save fuel. As a result you got less bhp from the ERS. 160 bhp -> maybe 100 bhp
    and secondly could you show the ERS button and change the colour to blue? :) http://puu.sh/gJjp9/e0a9c5d17a.jpeg
    12. I want to switch off my car when I am on track. So it's a DNF (just for realism) EDIT (!): get stuck in a gravel trap
    13. the pitcrew should cheer me on the pitwall when I am crossing the line in first place!
    15. I want to hear good songs when I am in the garage (that's why f1 2011 was so awesome ;)) EDIT: import own mp3 files. more noel gallagher songs :D :D 
    16: there should be two kinds of pitstops for qualifying. a long pitstop (pull car back into garage) and a short one (just changing tyres)...
    17. flow vis paint on an f1 car in Free Practice. just because it looks cool
    18. improve Q&R. different levels or make them longer (e.g. on expert: a 10 laps long run. on amateur: a 1 or 3 lap(s) long run) I hope you know what I mean^^
    19. billboards on the pitwall. like in real life
    20. bring back
    Anthony Davidson (or even Martin Brundle) for commentating hot laps
    21. improve damage model (broken suspension)
    22. pitlane start when changing setup during qualifying
    23. celebrations for the driver (like in FIFA) after crossing the line, you press a definded combination of buttons and your driver will celebrate himself :)

    26.  Codemasters may implement some mods (realistic damage mod, better tyre mod,.. etc)
    27.  remove the replay function in qualifying: So it's getting much more important to get a good lap early. In my opinion most people do just one quali lap. If you disable this feature they may go out for a second run
    29.  please add this gigantic ferrari flag in monza. would be great to see this http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/69686000/jpg/_69686055_monza_ferrari.jpg
    30. NO MARTINI LOGO. Solution: Bring 2 versions of the game out. 1. without alcohol adverts -> PEGI 0 2. with alc adv -> PEGI 18

    hopefully (at least) one developer should read this... would be awesome if they implement some all of my dreams/wishes/ideas
    in their next F1 Game™
    greets form germany ;) 

    2. add a podium scene  EDIT: with national anthems 
    8. the weather change is too rapid. If you don't change the tyre in the right moment, you are messed up 
    9. improve the AI!! (first lap, first turn, different race strategies, ... )
    25. change camera animations after finishing a race... make it more like real life. camera catches winner. take f1 2001 as an example
    7. work on the replays. in my opinion it's too cinematic. add original tv perspectives. 
    28. in quali can we have a "live feed" on our monitors to see the weather condition on track?