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  1. Would be great to have the fully realistic sound, you and your team have got the tools, you and your team have got the talent... Perfect combo for making them!!! Just one question, How do you record F1 sounds from year to year?? Thanks for reading
  2. i think there are better sound suggestions this quite unrespectful one
  3. Mazepin loses control of his car here and crash, that´s ok
  4. What´s the point? i mean... in the meantime the mechanics are changing the front wing the tyre mechanics finished changing tyres and you will have new tyres to finish the race so... i dont see the point on that
  5. I think its a little step forward in terms of car engine sounds but its far from the real onboard heard on the youtube videos or on the live tv races... If you Codies read this, please make sounds more realistic because that part is a game changer if its done properly, take onboard pole laps from youtube or use F1TV to take onboards and make the sounds from there, would be GREAT!!
  6. i´ll keep saying it, dont allow it on muliplayer or if a driver positions on other spot then teleport it to the one that belongs to that driver... problem solved
  7. That´s what they must do, but the things i meant is the update for Barcelona and Abu Dhabi, but it wont happen as they said on the FAQ
  8. I dont expect it to be added this game but maybe for the next game or the 2023 game... Would be great, i expect other things to be added (and they wouldnt)
  9. Car models are not 100% matched to real life ones
  10. Tell me how much lobby sessions activate formation lap... NONE or almost NONE...
  11. I dont think licensing is the reason tbh... So disappointing, they can do it, but they dont want, for whatever the reason it is
  12. What? if you crash to an AI it just skips it but if not then everything is as normal, the AI puts the car on the right spot so... nothing changes you just have the full control of the car...
  13. In fact almost no lobby does formation lap tbh, i dont see the problem... For the pitstops, well... That could be a mandatory assist on lobby config if yes you have to do it manually if not then automatic
  14. Doesnt matter if the position is 100% just more less like sometimes happen IRL... You should have the assist if you want to make it manual or automatic
  15. But give the option to make it manual or automatically as another assist... I dont see the problem there
  16. As clear as the title says... Having the real tv hud is a real game changer, we have beautiful mods out there that makes it but... What if Codies does it base on the game so we dont need external apps to do it?? Codies have the talent, and the license so... Why not? That would be INSANE
  17. Would be so great if as a driver you could do ALL the formation lap, by this i mean that you can do the formation lap (as it is now on the game) but you can also set the car in the position on the grid (this can be included as an option on assists menu if you want to do this or the game does this automatically)... Same with pitstop so you can control the car from the pit limiter line and put the car on the box position to make the pitstop...
  18. It would be great if we can choose the amount of races we want (with a minimum of... 5 races? or 7 races?) AND the order we want, if i select first the Brazil GP and then the Barcelona GP, i want that order, i don´t want the game to select the track order automatically... That would be great for the next game... Thanks
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