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  1. In the meantime, I recommend everyone to download RBRHU at www.rallysimfans.hu ! Richard Burns rally is a totally different game now with the NGP6 physics. I've been playing it for the past couple of days in VR and it's great fun. There are loads of stages included with the plugin, and everything is free. Enjoy!
  2. Will we receive the R5 at some point even though we forgot to join the world series?
  3. Who ever is responsible for the engine sounds for those games should be kept home in quarantine and never let out. Absolutely horrible!
  4. Why is everyone saying it's the 97 Impreza WRC? It sounds nothing like it in the video, and the rear bumper shot looks very much like a Legacy (it also sounds like it).
  5. Just want to point out the the pop-off valve for the 206 in the newest update sounds nothing like the real thing. The 206 WRC has a short chirping sound. See what I mean in this video when the cars are coming into a braking point and are going down the gears:
  6. I second this! After purchasing the Deluxe Edition, I'm not going to make a new purchase of the game to make it run properly with VR.
  7. Just to clarify. I bought the Steam version upon release. If I want to run it in VR with my Rift, I will have bad performance because you have to run it via SteamVR? I tried running SteamVR upon release so I could have the game as cinema screen on the Rift, but that gave horrible performance. Ended up using VirtualDesktop.
  8. Of course there are studded tires, or else winter rallying is no fun 😉
  9. @PJTierney Why are you posting these videos in the gossip thread? There is already a video thread on the forum.
  10. That's probably the shortest steering lock I've ever seen!
  11. @LutzM I haven't been following to closely lately, but is there confirmation of what the first DLC is yet?
  12. So that's how that DS3 R3 ended up in that ditch! I was wondering how that had happened while watching WRC-All Live. What car were you running?
  13. Looks like it's Wednesday that's the day!
  14. Right, I'm Norwegian. It's pronounced FJORD - or FYORD if that makes a difference. Now back to DiRT gossip! :)
  15. Thanks @bogani ! Need more sponsors though, not too much coming in! :)
  16. Alright! Here's the highlights video from Rally Hedemarken 2017 :) https://www.facebook.com/benjaminwardrallydriver/videos/1532084743516363/
  17. I'm just speaking from my own experience as a hobby rally driver, driving a not so beastly FWD Nissan Almera GTi on both gravel, tarmac and snow events in Norway. Last weekend I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to rally a Ford Fiesta R2 - and have in the past tested Subaru Impreza Group N, Mercedes 190 and Opel Astra kit car rally cars, plus had a ride in a couple of WRC's. I have spoken to a couple of people with rallying experience who have tested D4 who have said the same as me. I'm not trying to speak DiRT 4 down for you guys, but I am just a little sceptical to the way the c
  18. Lets see: - Fiesta R2 - Fiesta R5 - Focus WRC - Impreza WRC - Impreza group N - Audi S1 - Opel Ascona - Lancia Delta S4 - Opel Adam - Mitsubishi R5
  19. Just curious. Were you doing sim mode with no assets at all either? Was driving in sim mode with no assists on at all. It's weird though, the physics in rallycross and landrush are good, rallying is something else.
  20. Right, my mate and co-driver, Simen, has gotten hold of a code for the PS4 version, so I had the chance to sit down some time with the game yesterday. Although his wheel isn't set up the way I want at all, I did enjoy the physics of the rallycross cars and landrush trucks. However: The rallying physics were a let down. I found most of the cars I drove way too grippy with a lot of understeer. I actually prefer the loose surface rallying physics of DiRT Rally over my experience with DiRT 4 so far. This was of course running the simulation handling mode. Of course, I'm not going to jump to the fi
  21. That Fiesta stuck like hell to the gravel road I'd say?
  22. Hurray! Looking forward to hearing that engine sound. Thought I'd preorder DiRT 4 myself, even though it doesn't seem to have VR support from day one. 
  23. This has probably been asked before, but can we save the stages generated in "Your Stage" and have our own library of stages?
  24. @KickUp - Surely it can't be too hard to license our lovely Knut? A 1999 Nissan Almera GTi? :wink:
  25. This might have been asked before @KickUp - but when using Your Stage, is there an option to recce the stage before you do your high speed run? I would like this feature, where the game limits you to max 80 km/h (WRC speed limit on recce if I'm not wrong?) with a typical recce car.
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