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  1. So, @KickUp - When do we get some more official news about the game? :smile:
  2. Just to get DiRT 4 off your minds for two seconds, here is our highlights video from Rally Finnskog 2017! https://www.facebook.com/benjaminwardrallydriver/videos/1296426733748833/
  3. SO @KickUp - great you're on this QA spree! Ever since Oculus Rift made the public, I haven't been gaming DiRT Rally or any other compatible racing games in another way. Will I have to go back to gaming on a screen again for DiRT 4?
  4. Quick question, @KickUp ! Will there be VR support from the day of release? :) 
  5. Just checking my account works too, so I can return for some discussions :smiley: 
  6. I like the idea of a stage end reporter! That would add to the challenge when doing championships. An F1 game from some years back had a future like this, I enjoyed it a lot!
  7. I can assure you that we were hoping that people would find it funny :)
  8. Need to follow Luke here! Here is the highlights video from a rally I did last weekend! :dizzy:
  9. About time some DiRT related gossip made it's entry soon! Way off topic :smiley:
  10. Is the new content ready for download on Steam now?
  11. Hi guys! We sadly crashed our car in the last event we did in February, so now Knut (as the car's name is) will undergo a rebuild from one of our sponsors who works with car restoration. This is going to cost us a little, so we have started a crowd funding where our followers can donate a small amount to help us get the car back on the road. As a thanks for the donation we can offer a range of gifts back :) The crowd funding is sadly only in Norwegian, but on our Facebook page we always publish notifications in both Norwegian and English. Maybe Google Translate can help! Great if you guys wa
  12. So, would we get new car sounds for the 01 Focus WRC and 01 Impreza WRC for the release? That would be pure joy if so :)
  13. Question: Will there be a difference between the finished early access version of DiRT Rally and a boxed full version released in the shops?
  14. Cheers! You designed Eyvind Brynildsens livery @TheFlyingTuga ?
  15. Hi again everybody! Our first rallying season has been nothing but fantastic :) We have shared everything with our lovely Facebook followers on our page which now is in both Norwegian and English. Right now we are having a competition where the prize is a Steam code for DiRT Rally. I guess everybody here already own the game, but if not, why not join in - or at least check out all the fun we've been having in 2015 here: http://www.facebook.com/benjaminwardblirrallyforer We'll be back with much more in 2016 :) Cheers! Benjamin
  16. It's at least a tarmac rally judging by the tires and setup of the car. Maybe we have found a spot on Monte that we haven't seen before?
  17. @Rallycameraman If you have put some money aside, upgrade to a Thrustmaster T500 RS instead, a great upgrade from the Logitech G25 :)
  18. Oooh, I'd loved to have that car, but it's a little steap for my economy for now :/
  19. So the year the cars will be from is confirmed, hurrah!
  20. Some cars I'd say have very accurate grip, others too much. All cars are pretty good grip wise on tarmac (Germany). Gravel and Monte needs more work mostly.
  21. I agree! I was just stupid who didn't understand that you possibly couldn't continue after exiting after a finished stage :)
  22. I started this league this morning before work, but had to Alt+F4 after SS2 to making it into my office. Will I be able to continue on SS3 or have I ruined my chance?
  23. That is right for certain events yes. Not sure if it is for this one!
  24. No service areas meaning no setups or no repairs?
  25. Very sad to read this, Lee! You've done a great job here keeping us interested, and dropping the odd hint here and there. I hope you are moving on to another great job, you definitely deserve that! Thanks for everything!
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