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  1. The rallycross Impreza I saw in the game today at least had the S14 shell.
  2. Subaru Impreza, the same as in DiRT3. Other than that nothing new.
  3. I've just found DiRT Rally at NAF's (Norwegian RAC) stand. Just had a go around Hell, looks good!
  4. You're going to Hell @Benniz ? Entry list looks really strong, should be a great weekend. Don't forget to take some pictures!  I'm hoping DiRT will be at Lydden so I can finally have a go at the rallycross! :smiley:  I will be in Hell working as a photographer for the picture agency McKlein, so I'd better remember to take some pictures ;)
  5. Too bad you'll not be there, I'll have to sit alone gaming then ;)
  6. I wonder when we'll have the new sound in the game!
  7. Yes! Finally the proper sound for the 555. This car just got better ;)
  8. That would be nice! I'd like to be able to test my cars in career mode without having to do an event. Two test stages on gravel and tarmac could be good! No need to be longer than 2 km.
  9. Sounds good! Bring the setup thread back to life :) One last off topic question, what wheel are you using?
  10. Would you like to share your setup on the car?:)
  11. I don't get that up on dirtgame.com?
  12. Not so much on the Fiesta. The Polo has a lot of understeer!
  13. Please let it be Colin's Subaru!
  14. Haha fantastic, Irish-Indian accent, I love it! Somebody should get this guy to record co-drivers calls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q39S4bjjU-Q
  15. One question. Doesn't the fact that Codies are modelling real life stages from WRC rounds collide with the WRC license held by Milestone? Or are there certain loop holes around, since they aren't calling the events what they are called in the WRC likes Wales Rally GB and ADAC Rally Deutchland?
  16. @Rallycameraman Do we know that Winter Wonderland will be Sweden?
  17. Are there plans on expanding the F2 class in the game?
  18. Hi guys!  Here are our highlights from Aurskog-Høland rally, the fifth round of the Norwegian rally championship. The video has english subtitles. In this episode:  * Benjamin thinks he see's turkeys on the road section* Simen takes care of the handbrake on stage* We meet an overhappy woman* We sing in a horrible way* We crash out of the rally https://youtu.be/PooeLHrJycw Follow Benjamin A. Ward and Simen Næss Hagen and their clubman rallying career at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/benjaminwardblirrallyforer Snapchat: benjaminrally Meerkat: benjaminrally
  19. The Milestone stages just don't look real, it's hard to say what makes it that way, but they just don't look authentic. I do recognize areas from the real stages of Rally Sweden though.
  20. Hi Codies! First of all, congratulations on a fantastic starting point on what will become the best rally game to date! Colin would've been proud :) And, I am honored to have my name in the credits, thanks Lee! It's been fun to test a new game for the first time after having driven two rallies in real life so far this year, I hope my feedback can be of help. I have been able to play the game for three hours this evening, and have taken notes after each stage. I must say, the stages you have produced are the most authentic and beautiful creations I have ever seen, really good job! For me, most
  21. Fantastic! I might have to buy a new PC if my Mac with Windows partition isn't good enough for the specs :)
  22. Alright lads? We had a great rally on Saturday, progressing with 12 seconds from the first to the forth run of the stage that was run :) 25th overall, beating many quicker cars and more experienced drivers, so very happy! Here is an inboard video from SS4 if you want to check it out: http://www.facebook.com/benjaminwardblirrallyforer/videos/878476175543893/
  23. We have just made a proper launch in to social media. Most of the material is in Norwegian, but Google translate is your friend :) Facebook: www.facebook.com/benjaminblirrallyforer Snapchat: benjaminrally Meerkat/Twitter: benjaminrally
  24. Hello good men! It's been a long time since I've last made some noise, so here is some for you! Before Rally Hadeland I said to myself that it would virtually impossible to only do the one event, and yep, it was impossible. So, since February I have bought my own rally car, a Nissan Almera GTi, almost identical to the one we drove earlier this winter. The only difference is that it is only slightly more tuned, and has a limited slip differential. Here are some photo's of it: I have been using some days with friends and family to get the car ready for our first event with it, Toftesprinten
  25. Meaning that there will be an announcement this Saturday regarding the game - in the middle of Easter? Hmmm, surely not a very smart time to do so - or am I wrong? Oh, and by the way, I am still once or twice every week dreaming that I am playing DiRT4 - that must be a good reason to give us some news soon :)
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