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  1. Lee! You have to publish our documentary :)
  2. We are already planning our next event, so we'll be back later this year :)
  3. Hi lads! The full documentary is now finished, check it out :) I have also sent it to Lee, so hope he shares it on Facebook today too! http://youtu.be/5sacUhIOKZc
  4. This is properly awesome: be sure to drop some pictures on the forum! I will do! First of all, Rally Finnskog tomorrow - this time as a photographer again :)
  5. Make it over next year then! Looks very nice for now, hope it keeps on staying cold until the event starts.
  6. I will be going! Working for McKlein and the officials this year :)
  7. Thanks a lot good men! It wasn't too bad to be honest. I was expecting the second loop to be pretty bad, but in fact the grip was very good - as long as you kept inside the lines. A longer documentary should be out in the end of the week!
  8. Hi again! Here is inboard from SS5, the stage we felt went the best. Hope you enjoy it! :) http://youtu.be/uB0ME_IWstA
  9. We made it to the finish! An absolutely fantastic day :smiley: Inboard video from SS5 to come later today, plus maybe a couple of funny clips between the stages!
  10. Thanks, dotmartin! Maybe one day we'll come over and do that - but let's first get our first event underway :smiley: 
  11. Thanks a lot guys! I think we were hitting about 110 km/h at the fastest point. Should hopefully reach around 160 during the event :)
  12. I'm back! Here is the full story from our rather dramatic test - in English. Hope you like it! :smiley: http://youtu.be/rrLwx4y_xLQ
  13. I won't lie, it's absolutely fantastic, can't wait until the event! :smiley: 
  14. Alright lads! Here is a point of view (POV) video from yesterdays test. Things turned a little more dramatic than I had hoped for, watch the video and you'll see why! Hope you enjoy it! I'll be back with a longer story from the test tomorrow evening for you :smiley: http://youtu.be/ywCNLh1IyfM
  15. Right! I'm back again. This time with a teaser video from our test today - which by the way was awesome :smiley: I'll be back with more footage and a longer video tomorrow evening! http://youtu.be/jJIbH0LtV2M
  16. Yesterday Simen (my co-driver) and I did some pacenote practicing at home in my flat. We used Richard Burns rally for this, because of the authenticity, and pretty much got the hang of it! Check out the video below to see how we did :smile: http://youtu.be/ogOSO2FwBJk
  17. Will be interesting to see if they come with some kind of an announcement today!
  18. New material on the way to you tomorrow! This time a video :smile: 
  19. The WRC 5 devs are hinting some kind of an announcement the 22nd of January: https://www.teamvvv.com/en/news/comments/New-WRC-game-announcement-hinted-for-this-week
  20. Thanks a lot guys! It's going to be awesome :smiley: Will keep you updated the next weeks!
  21. Hi everyone! The 31st of January I will be making my debut as a rally driver, driving the Norwegian rally event, Rally Hadeland. It has been a dream of mine for many years, and I am now finally going through with it! Since we have become a nice community of the past years, I thought I would share my experience with you all. First, a little about me, besides being a big fan of rally games and Codemasters, and of course wondering when we will be seeing this great game we have been promised. This is me: My name is Benjamin. I am 25 years old, live just outside Oslo which is the capital of Nor
  22. I will! Probably going to make some video material too, I will send it to you, Lee :)
  23. Awesome! :D If u need any tips or information feel free to PM or contact me! What kinda of rally car do u have? And Norway got awesome rallies! :D Beside that 31 of January is an awesome date ;-) a ( legend in progress) was born at that date o:) Thanks, Thierry, I will get in touch if I need some! Right now I am getting tips and advice from a long time customer of mine through photographing the Norwegian rally championship, Anders Grøndal, who will be doing WRC2 next year in a DS3 R5. Should be good. I will be driving a Nissan Almera GTI which I will be renting for the event :)
  24. In other news: I gave up waiting for news regarding the new game, decided to make my debut as a rally driver.  My first event will be Rally Hadeland 31st of January :D
  25. Hmm. Come on, give us something!
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