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  1. No, the license is in the hands of Kylotonn games, which I think are collaborating with Milestone to some extent. We therefore have three rally games hopefully coming in 2015: * Dirt 4 (The most important, obviously!) * Sebastien Loeb rally evo * WRC 2015
  2. But, that French company is collaborating with Milestone if I'm not mistaken?
  3. Sooooo, things have gone a little quiet I'd say. No Christmas surprises?
  4. Rally and F1 are on two different planets when it comes to the people involved.  I do like both, but rally does't have rivalries like F1.   Fierce competition,  yes, but not the same way as F1. Maybe not in the same way as in F1, but if you check out the WRC from the 90's and early 2000's, everything wasn't as clean and boring as now :)
  5. I just thought of something that could be good: End of stage interviews! It would be a good addition, just as in the F1 games. Reporters ask you questions, and you have five or six different answers to choose from, which then could affect rivalry with other competitiors, team changes etc.
  6. So, how was the visit day at Codies?
  7. Probably looking to that it would take much longer time doing it that way, but thanks for the suggestions :) Looks like the shortest trip would take 4 hours, Oslo - Copenhagen - Birmingham. Flight out and back is around 300 GBP :neutral_face: 
  8. Flights to Birmingham are looking pretty steep, and nobody has a direct flight over. I will have to think about it.
  9. @justbiglee‌ I'd be happy to make the trip over from Norway if I am invited? I have hard discs with loads of reference photos (split the flight cost?) from especially Norwegian rallying (loads of snow), and of course from Rally Sweden which you already have seen and published on your the Codies blog.
  10. Out of interest, is Oculus Rift thought to work with consoles in the future, or will only Sony/Microsoft similar products work with them? I would definitly purchase an Oculus Rift if it would support a future DiRT game!
  11. The last six months, I would say I on an average dream of playing the new DiRT game at least once a week. Last night I dreamt it was to be released this year. Help me stop dreaming this!
  12. I agree, things have pulled out a little too long now. Let's see if something happens soon.
  13. Well, the roads need to be much narrower, without doubt! And by looking at the video, you see there are a lot of twitchy technical sections, something there wasn't much of in DIRT3.
  14. Please take a look at this video from Finland, captured by a friend of mine. THIS is how Finland should look like in a game! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-bm0Wo__MA
  15. Fun for the nostalgia, but the physics are much worse than they were in CMR 2. The car is almost glued to the road in the new version, and the car is very inconsequent when going up the gears.
  16. Thank you for that, justbiglee. I reacted myself ;)
  17. Paul Coleman was asking if anybody could help him localize a Renault Maxi Megané on Twitter yesterday. Promising! I love that car!
  18. Not right on topic, but I am wondering if Milestone has lost the license for making the WRC-games. The previous years, the news on the upcoming game has come in May or June, so far we have heard nothing about a so-called WRC5. Could it be that Codies have got hold of it? If so, GREAT!
  19. If we are talking a driver with large guns, I'd say Chris Atkinson!
  20. Good idea, doyley101, I'd like that!
  21. That is a great suggestion, mspbarry!
  22. I like the idea of an option to recce the stages if the game is focusing on authenticity. I would like it to play that you are given a recce car (a road car or a recce rigged Mitsubishi Evo as Citroën uses in the WRC) to drive through the stages. You have to keep within the speed limits (80 km/h on WRC-events if I'm not wrong). If you go over, a warning comes up giving you three seconds to slow down, if not you are given time penalties towards the rally itself. When it comes to changing the notes, I think it could be good if the co-driver reads out the notes as you drive through the stage. For
  23. I would be surprised if a game was released this year after trying to interpret the answers Coleman has given on Twitter. I do however think we will get some more info of an upcoming game this year, probably towards the end of the autumn.
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