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  1. R3DDAWG

    Calling all non-TC drivers

    Wheel user here and I'm finding that this year it is even easier to loose it when exiting a corner. I'm constantly getting wheel spin in 4th with any steering lock applied. Which is good cause that is what the drivers have all been expressing since pre-season testing. Moving onto braking and I actually find that the car slows a lot quicker this year as do the real cars as there is harvesting of energy on a greater scale then last year. However in the real cars due to this harvesting it is also easier to lock the brakes. This is one thing that I think is of in the game. I haven't had 1 lock up yet.  Overall I'm quite happy with how the cars relate to their real life counterparts although I am using a wheel on PS3. What I'm not happy with is the hidden assist that pad users get. It's going to kill our league races. 
  2. Hey guys I've been having problems logging into the racenet website today. I keep getting the following error message: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <title>Error</title> </head> <body> <h1>ERROR</h1> <p>Internal Server Error 500. Please try again later.</p> </body> </html> Has anyone else had this issue or is it a problem on my end? cheers for any help you may be able to give.
  3. R3DDAWG

    Wheel HUD what it have?

    The problem with this system is that in real F1 the drivers are constantly manipulating buttons and dials for the ERS system. The drivers them selves have to initiate when the MGU-K(kinetic energy) and the MGU-H(heat energy from Turbo) is harvested to the battery system. Every time you see the red light on the back of the cars flashing on TV the systems are harvesting. Also to say that the overtake button is hardly used is incorrect. At the Italian GP only a couple of days ago you were constantly hearing radio messages from the engineers to the drivers reminding them to use this button to defend and attack other drivers. To me it seems a rather important part of the new power units which is being left out, I can only hope that it's in the 2015 version of the game. 
  4. R3DDAWG

    PS3 post patch AI

    Hey guys that was exactly what I was trying to convey but unfortunately I had no video. The reason it also struck me as weird was that I hadn't played the game for about 3 weeks as I had been sick. Then when I did get back to driving after the patch this happened. Mind you it seems to be definitely worse on Hockenheim. 
  5. R3DDAWG

    PS3 post patch AI

    Hey thanks for the idea. My mate and I did some testing and it seems as though it's only when we were using the cat A touring cars (Peugeot).  After re-reading my initial post I realise it is quite strongly worded and thus I hope this is why you seem to be aggressively replying. I would just like to point out that overall I enjoy this game, as I said in my first post. As you can probably understand I'm only human and unfortunately we we can be prone to frustrations.  Anyways as as I said I appreciate the suggestion to test this. I like you would also like to find out if anyone else can replicate it or if I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
  6. R3DDAWG

    PS3 post patch AI

    It wasn't once. A mate and I have been racing online against AI  for 4 or 5 hours and it's every race. 
  7. R3DDAWG

    PS3 post patch AI

    Has anyone else noticed that the AI has gone mental since the patch came out. I was just in a race at Hockenheim and going down the straight 1 AI car was at the left edge of the track so I moved all the way right to overtake and he turned almost sideways to drive and ram me on my way past. Honestly Codie's how the hell can you guys put out a product that is lacking in such critical areas. Overall I like the game but little things like this really ruin the fun.  You guys are really letting yourselves down, and what's worse is your letting us your paying customers down. Realistically you should be listening to us and fix these issues because what you obviously fail to see is that without us loyal customers you guys are out of a job.