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  1. Issue: Green Light Bug - Online Rallycross (RX) The Green Light Bug (GLB) is a bug that seemingly has been around since DiRT 4, or at least that I'm aware of. In essence it's a bug that gives one or multiple drivers in an online RX race either a disadvantage or an advantage by triggering the green lights earlier or later than they do for the remainder of drivers. The advantageous side is most commonly mistaken as a possible jump-start by spectators, as often seen in the RX Invitations of Spain. However any driver on the grid will know that it's a green light bug, due to drivers getting the notification of a jump-start when a jump-start happens. Therefor when the drivers do not get such a notification, and there is still an immense advantage from one or two drivers on the grid, it can be classified as a green light bug. Now this bug can often be overlooked, because no one can be certain that someone didn't guess the lights, except the driver that got the advantage. However due to that driver often not noticing the bug, due to being immersed in the racing, it can still prove quite bothersome to detect. There are a few versions of this bugs, which range from easily detectable as it advance, detectable after the finish and almost not detectable. The instances that are easily identified is when the moment the "Ready to Race" light goes on, a driver gets the green lights, triggered an immediate start for the rest, after a certain delay. This should be noticeable even to the driver who has gotten the advantage. There are also instances where the results of the race don't align with the results that happened on-track, this can result in gaps being smaller, or even different positions than they were on-track. These instances will almost always be noticed on the results screen. The final group of instances are those that I covered beforehand, where there isn't an immediate jump, but rather a(n) (slightly) earlier one than the other participants, but there also isn't a change in the results screen. The GLB bug has been around since D4, where it became more and more common as the game's life-cycle progressed, making competitive racing nigh impossible. It has also been around in DR2 since the beginning, but the occurrence rate of the bug were lower than it was in D4, or so we thought. Once the COVID19-crisis hit the world and lockdowns were being engaged, we noticed a steep incline in the number of GLBs. Our main theory at the moment is that it's caused by fluctuating ping between a regular user and the host. This theory first came to be during the days of D4, where it'd mostly occur with people who had massive ping or very irregular ping to the host. With the COVID-crisis, this seemingly confirms there is a correlation between ping and the GLB, considering there were more people using the internet, leading to less stable internet, including less stable ping. However this is simply a guess, since we're by no means experts. Method of Reproduction: Create an Online (Multiplayer) Custom Championship Set up a Rallycross event (Single race is the easiest/fastest) Wait for at least 2-3 other people (Just so you're not alone) Start the event This is where it gets tricky, as it's not 100% guaranteed to encounter the bug. Platform: N/A (Irrelevant to the bug, occurs on any platform) PC Build: N/A (Irrelevant to the bug, occurs on any PC) VR Headset used: N/A (Irrelevant to the bug, occurs on both VR and non-VR) Wheels/Pedals used: N/A (Irrelevant to the bug, occurs on any setup) PS: If there are any questions, please direct them to me, I am not sure how clearly I explained all of the above, and if I missed anything or something isn't elaborated properly, I'll try to come back to that as soon as possible. @PJTierney
  2. SereneLogic

    World RX Esports Series

    Oh boy, whatever you say, at the very least entertainment was delivered. Although I'm not entirely sure that is was the best kind of entertainment that people were looking for... As usual, we're starting from the beginning, with the 4 Heats. First of all, I am a bit confused as to why the grids after Heat 1 were randomized, as it's entirely possible to set the grid according to the results of Heat 1. This arguably led to a lot more collisions and carnage between slower and faster drivers, which took away from the action that could've been delivered. I'll refer back to this later, but this could be one way to avoid the amounts of carnage we had this time. Secondly, the driving standards were just not up to par, people were cutting other people off at T1, whilst you cannot see what is directly next to you, this is turn 1 we're speaking of, there is always someone next to you, so to turn in like some drivers did, should have been penalized. Because it wasn't, it kept happening over and over again and quite a handful of drivers had their races or even their whole event ruined due to being crashed out. These driving standards were also noticeably with the amount of risky divebombs, collisions upon re-entering the track, or punting on the entry to the joker lap. These things should have been penalized, otherwise it fosters an environment where everyone who is watching, will argue that it's fine to do that, because it wasn't penalized during this event. I could talk about driving standard all day, but I'll move on to something more constructive, being the production. At times, the production had quite a lot of errors, either with wrong graphics popping up, scene transitions or as probably noticed, faulty mathematics on the results screen, as shown on stream, which left all of the audience very confused as to who was where. I'd love to see these kind of issues not happen as much next time, if need be, take more time between races, which brings me to my next point. The format, I would argue the format was near enough perfect, aside from the randomized races in the heats, and the randomized grids in the later finals. Therefor there isn't much I'd change. That said, I have a slight tip that may be useful, since we saw A LOT of obvious green light bugs and disconnects, I'd recommend always having the next race lobby ready the moment one race starts, so if there is a disconnect upon load, you can switch to the next race, whilst allowing for the bugged/glitched/affected lobby to have its race restarted, without affecting the stream schedule too much. Having more time between races would also cover this effect partially. Another thing I'd love to see is maybe have some interviews in between heats or before/after the semi-finals, it will bring another dimension to the event that might hook the audience in even more. One last mention, the track lap video, given some track differences felt really out of place. So I'd request one driver to make a lap of the circuit in the game, so there'd be less of a disconnect between the track lap and the event. So yeah, there's room for improvement, especially on the stewarding side. I truly hope it evolves in between the events, slowly moving towards the event that everyone, the drivers, the organizers, the audience and whoever else, gets the event that they deserve. PS: Maybe having 1-2 more Esports drivers will also ease up the driving standards, as they're used to tight but clean racing. @PJTierney 😉
  3. ApexOnlineRacing (AOR) is a well-established league throughout the Sim Racing Community, known for providing some of the most consistent and professional leagues on various racing games. We strive to deliver a fair, competitive and high standard league racing experience to support out racers to become or stay Esports Champions. One of the racing games AOR organizes leagues for is one of the most popular rally games in the gaming landscape, DiRT Rally 2.0. It so happens that AOR has recently opened the sign-ups for the 2nd season of its official AOR Rallycross Championship on this game. This Championship sees you face off against other drivers on the same platform, in front of a live YouTube audience, over a period of 3 months. In these 3 months you'll visit all 13 Rallycross locations that are available in DiRT Rally 2.0 in the 2019 Supercars*. League Format Heats In order to accommodate for the livestream of every race, all races will be run in a separate lobby, with variable start times depending on the order and amount of the races. For Heat 1 the grid will be set according to randomized Heat Placements on the appropriate Event Schedule Thread. Both Heat 2 and Heat 3 will have their starting grids based on the results of the previously driven Heat. At the end of each heat, depending on the results, Heat Points will be distributed to the drivers based on their overall race time compared to other drivers, with the fastest driver gaining the most points and the slowest driver gaining the least amount of points. At the end of all Heats, the 16 drivers with the most total Heat Points will be awarded points, where the driver with the most Heat Points gains 16 points, and the driver with the least amount of Heat Points gets 1 point. Semi-Final After all Heats have been driven, the top 10 will move on to the Semi-Finals. The grid of these Semi-Finals will be decided as follows: All uneven numbers will be placed in Semi-Final 1, and all even numbers will be placed in Semi-Final 2. The only exception to this rule is when there isn't an officiator present in either Semi-Final. The starting grid will be based on the overall Heat Standings, with the highest placed driver in the Semi-Final starting from Pole Position. Once the Semi-Finals have been run, the top 2 of each Semi-Final will move on to the Final. On top of that, all Semi-Finalists will be awarded points based on their finishing position, with the fastest driver gaining 6 points, and the slowest driver gaining 1 point. Consolation Final After the Semi-Finals have concluded, there is still one open spot in the Final. To decide who gets this final grid slot in the Final, the drivers that placed 3rd and 4th in each Semi-Final will face off against each other in a Consolation Final, of which the winner advances through to the Final. The starting grid of the Consolation Final will be determined by the results of the Semi-Finals. Final At the end of the event, the remaining 5 drivers race against each other in the Final, of which the starting grid will be decided by the results of the Semi-Final. The winner of the Final gets an extra 8 points, whereas the slowest driver gets only 1 extra point. Drivers'- & Constructors' Championship Each event adds up to the Drivers' and Constructors' Championship, and as with all Championships, the one with the most points at the end of the all 13 rounds will be crowned the Drivers' and/or Constructors' Championship. If you're interested, feel free to sign-up here: http://aor.social/DR-RXS2 * DLC is not required for the official events, but is required to be able to practice.
  4. SereneLogic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    @PJTierney Slightly elaborating on the RX side of the competition, as that got only a fleeting mention. For RX to profit from its innate marketability due to its short but exciting races, the more races the better, given it fits within a certain timeframe. For that I'd suggest a series of 3-6 events, each of these being held at a certain track. For these tracks I'd select a collection of tracks that all have different characteristics, therefor covering most of the available spectrum. If I were to suggest any collection it'd be: Trois-Riviéres / Bikernieku (1) Mettet / Catalunya / Yas Marina (2) Montalegre / Killarney / Höljes (3) Hell / Estering / Silverstone (4) Lydden Hill / Lohéac (5) Montalegre / Killarney / Höljes (6) Events Each of these events would have the participants going through the familiar system we all know and love. Starting with the Heats, I'd suggest running either 3 or 4 heats, depending on how much available time there is. These heats would have different (or the same, because random) weather conditions as each other, but all races within a single heat would be running under the same conditions. As for the amount of laps, just as the official FIA WRX heat races, they'd have 4 laps. Heats During these heats the race times of the participants are ordered from fastest to lowest, awarding 50-45-42-40-39-etc. intermediate points to each driver once all races in a given heat have been raced and all related incidents (i.e. crashes/collisions) have been investigated. This means that after all heats have been driven, we'd award Championship Points based on the overall standing of the participants, 16-15-14-etc. ^ This allows for a field of 16 drivers to gain points that count towards the series championship, rather than it just coming down to who gets into and wins the final (which I'll discuss below) After these points have been awarded we can divide the top 10 drivers into two semi-finals, ordering the grid based on their overall amount of intermediate points. (12 drivers would only be possible if they made it possible to have 6 people in a single race format) 😉 Semi-Finals In these Semi-Finals they'd race 6 laps around the same track as before under random conditions (One Semi-Final don't have to be the same conditions as the other Semi-Final), with at the end the top 2 drivers of each Semi-Final proceeding towards the final, as well a being awarded 6-5-4-3-2-1 Championship Points based on their finishing position. (Once again, if a 6-man single race format is possible you could promote the top 3 and forget what I'm going to suggest next) Now since a 6-man single race format isn't possible at the moment, you'd still need to fill that fifth and last final spot. There are two potential ways to do this, one of which is giving the spot to whichever Semi-Finalist has the fastest Race Time of the Semi-Finalists who aren't already in the final (Note: If you use this, the Semi-Finals need to be same conditions). However I wouldn't really suggest this method as it's down to much more chance due to incidents or being held up. I'd much rather see an additional race (Consolation Final) of the Semi-Finalists that finished 3rd and 4th, of which the winner gets that last spot in the Final, pretty much ensuring that of those 4, the fastest/most consistent driver makes it to the final, aside from racing incidents and what not. Finals And of course the Finals would be run with the Finalists spanning over 6 laps on once again the same track, with random conditions, where the Championship Points awarded are as follows: 8-5-4-3-2-1. Vehicle Selection That concludes the formatting of each event in the series, with one more topic to cover, the cars to be used. I'll simply suggest that only the 2019 Supercars are to be used, given they are the top class of the RX discipline. This suggestion is fueled/supported by the opinions of a vast majority of the Quarter-Finalists of the RX DiRT World Championship. Championship Standing/Results After these events have been driven, the driver with the most overall points would be crowned Champion. If there's a tiebreak you'd be able to decide it by looking at the amount of 1st place finishes in the finals, all the way down to 6th place finishes in the final. As unlikely as it is for a tie to be completely even after this, you could repeat this process with Semi-Final finishing positions and even overall Heat finishing positions. Qualification For the Qualification for this series I'd stick with 2019 Supercars being driven around tracks that won't be featured in the series' events, the amount of qualifiers depends on the amount going through per platform, so I'll make a few suggestions based on different amounts here: If you want 12 participants to qualify for the series, I'd hold 4 Qualifying Events of which the top 3 qualifies for the series. If you want 14 participants to qualify for the series, I'd hold 4 Qualifying Events of which the top 3 qualifies for the series, along with the 2 remaining participants with the best cumulative time across the Qualifying Events. If you want 16 participants to qualify for the series, I'd hold 4 Qualifying Events of which the top 4 qualifiers for the series. I personally wouldn't go above 16 participants if there is a limited timeframe for these events to be held in, but if you want to be fancy you can also go with 20 participants. With which you'd have 5 Qualifying Events of which the top 4 qualifies for the series. These events would be 6 laps in random conditions at the tracks that aren't being showcased in the series itself. I think this'd suffice for a RX series plan. Though I have to add, this is purely my personal opinion based on being a fan, but also as being a league organizer that has and is organizing RX events like this, so I know it's possible to achieve this. P.S. It's possible to forsake the aforementioned Championship Points system and replace it with awarding points based on overall position only once during the event, with tiebreakers being decided based on fastest (cumulative) race times. But personally I think a lot of the audience and drivers would prefer this system as it still makes the Heats mean something, and in the end it'd always give the Championship to the most consistently fast driver. P.P.S. If there are any further questions, feel free to reply to me here, or tag me on Discord (though Discord is more favourable for me). P.P.P.S. For the other people aside from PJ, I am not specifically looking for suggestions to improve this format, but I won't reject any intriguing suggestions made. Bare in mind this is for Rallycross (RX) only. 🙂
  5. SereneLogic


    You waited for that long because it was the holiday period, a time of the year where even developers like to spend time with their loved ones. I'd appreciate it if you showed them a bit more humility...
  6. SereneLogic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    @PJTierney Forgot to mention one CRUCIAL thing, for the love of god, announce who has gone through publicly. People did not know who was in the Quarter-Finals till they ended. xD
  7. SereneLogic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    One thing I forgot to mention, in regards to RX Qualifiers this is pointless, but for Rally I'd actually make the qualifier consist of two stages, one long, one short. And spice up the weather a bit, keep degradation on Optimal/Low. 🙂
  8. SereneLogic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Honestly, the Qualifers I'd not do much different than this iteration. I'd maybe lessen the amount of Qualifiers to 6, letting 2 through per Qualifier, dropping the cumulative as that was confusing for most. I'd also limit it to the classes such as R2R4, R5, GT and Gr. A, as realistically those are the only closses you'll ever get to using in the Quarter-, Semi- or Grand Finals. For RX, I'd limit them to RX2 and Supercars, for similar reasons. Personally I'd love for 16 people per platform, but that's a bit perhaps unrealistic given time constraints?
  9. SereneLogic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    I'd argue it isn't normal to have the last race be a decider in a multi race format, unless the racing's especially close. And from what I've seen the majority of people seem to agree. In RX 3 people out of the top 4 were eliminated due to forceful contact due to no fault of their own. That said, in Rally it was definitely less of an issue, due to it being near impossible to lose outside of your own fault.
  10. SereneLogic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    My ideal format can be described in one of two ways, a singular event format and a championship format. The Championship format would basically represent a small- to medium-length Championship of a set number of rounds, I'f imagine anywhere between 3-6. For Rally this'd follow a natural Rally, including Power Stages. And for RX this'd follow a Heats -> SF -> F format, albeit maybe not 4 Heats, since that'd be too long. These events would cover a spread of DLC and non-DLC tracks, narrow and non-narrow locations/tracks, tarmac, gravel, etc. For a singular event I'd go with a Qualifiers into Quarter-Final into Semi-Final into Final format, but with 2 Races in the Quarter-Final, 3 Races in the Semi-Final and 5 Races in the Final, each awarding points based on the drivers' positions and the people with the most points go through. Of course each of these races would also have a Qualifying Race beforehand to dedide the grid on the same track, in the same conditions. (Basically this year's format, only with more races per Quarter- and Semi-Final, and all races in the Final counting towards the overall win, not towards a final decider. Either of these would work, by my preference would go to the Championship-like format, as that's the better way to find out who's the best of the best, with a longer format like real-life.
  11. SereneLogic

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    With the competition now over, I guess it’s time to give my opinion/feedback of the DiRT World Championship…Oh boy…where to start - I guess at the beginning? I’ll be covering the topics based on the timeline, so I’ll start with the Qualifiers, then the Quarter- and Semi-Finals and then the Finals at the Autosport International Show. Qualifiers Honestly, I feel as if we already started off on the wrong footing, because as soon as the announcement was made and everyone dove into the “Sporting Regulations” and “Terms & Conditions” documents – And what they found, was no small feat. There were sections of the “Sporting Regulation” that outright contradicted each other, such as different graphics detailing the different ways a singular process was going to be handled. (For more information see the Reddit thread) On top of that the “Sporting Regulations” were plain inaccurate up till a week before the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, with many rules still be dated to the DiRT 4 era, and being outright impossible to achieve in DiRT Rally 2.0. Furthermore, there was quite a lot of pushback regarding the fact that the cars that were being chosen for the Qualifiers, could only be driven with a default setup, which arguably removes a very important aspect to both Rally and Rallycross. Not to even mention the fact that assists were allowed, one of which, Launch Control, was a MAJOR advantage in Rallycross. Assists should NEVER be a factor in ANY Esports championship or competition. Last but not least, the car classes chosen in the Qualifiers didn’t represent the game’s Esports scene as a whole, the fact they included Super 1600s, H2 FWDs and more, is very puzzling to me, as the people who get through on those are just hopelessly lost in contrast to the people that go through in the cars that are being used in the Quarter-, Semi- and Grand Finals. Personally I’d rather see the Qualifiers and all kinds of Finals use only the best cars, those being the Supercars and the R5s. Quarter- and Semi-Finals Moving on to the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, it was a disgrace that these were delayed a week, and it was an outright miracle some drivers managed to delay or cancel holidays due to this, especially considering it was a last minute notice only 2-3 days before the event. The reasoning for this delay was the “Sporting Regulations” which were not ready for the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, due to the inconsistencies mentioned above. I’d love to give Codemasters some benefit of doubt, but I made a Reddit thread laying out the issues with the “Sporting Regulations” mere days after the announcement was made, so they could’ve been fixed well ahead of time. Entering the actual Quarter- and Semi-Finals, which both were one Qualifying race and one Race. Firstly, the fact these are all single races that leads to the elimination of many is an idea that should be abolished. As a matter of fact, many drivers were taken out of the running for either the Semi-Finals or Grand Final due to no fault of their own, but a mistake or intentional action of another driver. There’d have been a very simple way to mitigate this, to hold multiple races, each of which award points, and after a set number of races (2 or 3) the set amount of people with the most points continue to the next round. But we’ll be coming back to this topic when we’ll discuss the Grand Finals… Oh boy, bear with me for that. Furthermore, the Quarter- and Semi-Finals for RX both utilized tracks on which overtaking was literally impossible without forcing someone off their line or even in a wall, as we could very well see in some of the races. These tracks were decided based on marketing and what Codemasters wanted to show, but rather they should have been chosen based on what would provide the best racing. Last but not least the adjudicating/stewarding, coming from multiple drivers’ perspective this was done horribly, as we all feel certain actions should’ve warranted certain penalties to be dished out or removed in cases of being forced wide. But this wasn’t done, and in some case, because the result didn’t depend on it, these investigations weren’t even finished. And regardless of impact, incidents should always be investigated, otherwise drivers will always feel wronged. Grand Finals Moving on to the final chapter of the DiRT World Championships, the Grand Final at the Autosport International Show – And oh boy…is this a controversial topic. But lets begin with some positives, the viewing figures were absolutely amazing compared to the last DiRT World Championship. But that’s where the positives sadly end… Starting with the format… Dear lord, this couldn’t have been done any worse in regards to the format. An Esports Championship is meant to decide the best driver, this usually means the fastest and most consistent. Yet in both Rally and Rallycross they decided to have a final decider stage/race in which wherever you finish, is your end result, turning it from a competition of consistency and pace, in a competition of just pace and luck. That said, this was lessened a bit in Rally due to only the top 3 advancing to the next stage, but ultimately this still doesn’t excuse the fact all the previous stages and races are completely thrown away. In a proper Esports Championship every single race should count towards the winner. I find this format absolutely inexcusable, there was enough time to hold these races and stages, since they were driven, so they should’ve counter toward the overall victory. This could’ve been fixed with the exact solution I mentioned when I talked about the Quarter- and Semi-Finals. In RX, have a set number of races, each awarding points and the one with the most points wins. In Rally, do the same, except get rid of the points and order based on cumulative time. If this is done, along with all other suggestions I made in this thread, then you can guarantee you have the best and I mean the most consistently fast driver there is. On top of that, all finalists were limited to using a single car. Now I’ll admit, I’m unaware as to the reasoning behind this, but in any competition it should never be about limiting your drivers’ options, whether those be in regards to setup or cars. Some cars, some setups suit one drivers’ driving style more than the other, so there will always be someone who prefers one car over another. For that reason alone it’s a choice that never should be taken away. Conclusion To summarize, this DiRT World Championship was better in regards to production and viewing figures, but the overall format completely ruined the championship for both passionate fans, involved teams and participating drivers. This NEEDS to be improve for the next DiRT World Championship, it NEEDS to…Currently we have teams abandoning the DIRT Esports scene for WRC’s or even withdrawing from Rally entirely…Drivers aren’t being paid…Local/Smaller competitions aren’t held…The scene’s dying, and it’s up to Codemasters to provide an attractive platform for the external organizations to hold smaller competitions and to provide a good example as to how attractive it can be for teams, drivers and organizations to be apart of the DIRT Esports scene. That concludes my overall opinion of the DIRT World Championship, @PJTierney I hope this suffices to give everyone involved enough feedback for the next iteration of this series. I bid you all a great day, and I truly hope it’ll improve on the things that went wrong this time around. 🙂
  12. ApexOnlineRacing (AOR) is a well-established league throughout the Sim Racing Community, known for providing some of the most consistent and professional leagues on various racing games. We strive to deliver a fair, competitive and high standard league racing experience to support out racers to become or stay Esports Champions. One of the racing games AOR organizes leagues for is one of the most popular rally games in the gaming landscape, DiRT Rally 2.0. It so happens that AOR has recently opened the sign-ups for the 2nd season of its official AOR Rally Championship. This Championship sees you carving your way through a vast selection of in-game stages in all 12 locations over a period of 3 months. Each event will be live for a whole week, from Monday 00:00 GMT till Sunday 23:59 GMT. During this week you’ll be tasked with driving 10 stages in all kinds of conditions, of which the 10th stage will be considered a Power Stage, yielding extra points for the Drivers’ Championship. The AOR Rally Championship is actually divided into three sub-sections, these being the R2-, R4- and R5 Championships, with each crowning their own Rally Champion. As the names suggest the championships will use the R2, R4 and R5 cars respectively. Both the R2- and R4 Championship are open to all participants, new and old. However the R5 Championship is restricted for those who have proven themselves by finishing within the top 5% of the R2- or R4 Championships of the previous seasons. That said, not being in the R5s won’t take away from your overall experience and competitivity in the AOR Rally Championship, whether you’re driving R2s or R4s, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing yet challenging time whilst participating in this Championship. This time around we’re experimenting with a tougher set of rallies. This means that we’ll be running less services per rally, and thus damage control and consistency is even more important than the previous seasons. For those interested, you can find all relevant information either in this thread, or linked to this thread. So before you sign-up or don’t sign-up, I’d appreciate it if you took a gander at all the accessible information (http://aor.social/DR-RALLY). If I haven’t managed to persuade you into joining our championship, please feel free to respond below as to why. AOR is always looking to improve their leagues, so any feedback is much appreciated. I’d also appreciate it if you joined the AOR community as a whole, because no matter if you’re a competitive rally driver or not, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time in AOR’s Championships, so feel free to take a tour around our website (https://apexonlineracing.com/), join our community at (https://apexonlineracing.com/), follow us on twitter (https://twitter.com/ApexOnRacing) and join our official AOR Discord server (https://discordapp.com/invite/PzstHQd)
  13. SereneLogic

    Pacenote editor

    Feel like I'm obliged to correct you here, it's a framework most rally drivers use, but as with most frameworks the interpretation of it can vary from person to person. It's very possible for someone's L4 to be another's L5. On top of that, some drivers rather have a higher or lower number being called due to their driving style, which varies the notes inbetween drivers even more. 🙂