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  1. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    @PJTierney Something new for once, I drove a bit of Estering and someone about the joker just felt off to me. So I took the overhead map that shows in the loading screen and put the official FIA track map on top of it. As you can see, it seems the joker's slightly wrong, especially comparing it to the rest of the track, which seems pretty much spot on.
  2. SereneLogic

    League Data Base/Sort Leagues

    It's definitely an issue if you're only going off the website, but everything nowadays goes with social media and word of mouth, either through friends or by online lobbies. You'd need a third-party website to have a database of leagues, as that's not what Codemasters is after.
  3. SereneLogic

    League Data Base/Sort Leagues

    Any decent league should try to fit at least a descriptive text about that league, no? For the bigger ones it helps having a website to just drop a link to, but in general the problem is also the reason there aren't many more identifying factors about these leagues, they vary in pretty much anything, aside from again, the bigger ones. So I think it'd be hard to give anyone more information that isn't already there. Then again I'm no genius, so I may very well miss some possible solutions or ideas that would influence the discussion, as a league organizer myself, either having a website or writing a small pastebin, Google Docs documents, etc. and providing a link in said descriptive text, should be enough, no? Think it's easier to solve from the league owner than for Codemasters to implement anything concrete about this.
  4. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    @PJTierney Hey, lovely hearing Dirtfish is coming out, got to love some casual stuff for once. That said, has there been an update on the clubs fix? And when will we see more competitive updates, such as the spectator mode and anything else that may be in there?
  5. SereneLogic

    Procedural Stage Generation

    Procedural Generation done right, would be amazing. That said, as with any feature, if done wrong, it'll suck. The mistake a lot of people make is that they classify the first impression the Procedural Generation made in D4, as all that it has to offer, which isn't the case. Given there's enough time and effort, you could end up with a seemingly endless collection of bits and pieces that when randomly put together could make a really good stage, without that stage already being used before. That said, unlikely we'll see it in DiRT Rally 2.0 due to the amount of effort it'll cost. If anything we'll see a return in maybe DiRT 5. At least I hope so 🙂
  6. SereneLogic

    Pacenote editor

    Feel like I'm obliged to correct you here, it's a framework most rally drivers use, but as with most frameworks the interpretation of it can vary from person to person. It's very possible for someone's L4 to be another's L5. On top of that, some drivers rather have a higher or lower number being called due to their driving style, which varies the notes inbetween drivers even more. 🙂
  7. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    It's pretty time sensitive, most of my participants are becoming more and more agitated, because they already waited so long for clubs, and now they're waiting so long to have it working properly. As a person, I'm fine with waiting, but as an Organizer I can just see my audience slipping away. So I'd appreciate it if it's handled as soon as possible. This is actively hurting the competitive community more and more every week this goes on. 😕
  8. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    @PJTierney Sorry to keep bothering you, but as a league organizer I have to constantly feed my participants updates (101 atm), so has there been any news of the aforementioned bug (the setup bug in clubs)? Is there an ETA yet?
  9. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    That's lovely to hear, thanks a lot 🙂
  10. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    @PJTierney Here's me bothering you again. 😛 I'm curious as to if/when we can expect a spectator mode...I'd dare to bet it's a feature people want more than VR, which has already been announced to release this summer. 🙂 Oh and on a completely different matter, I'd appreciate if the bugs I mentioned in my Reddit post got some attention: https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/c9io0c/monte_carlo_is_funexcept_when_its_not/
  11. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    Any updates on this particular bug? It's stopping competitive clubs from launching professional championships, as after 1 stage it reverts to default, which at high pace (with the bad pace notes around the place) lead to instant death at the upper parts of the Esports scene. Would like to see this fixed asap.
  12. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    @PJTierney Quick thing about clubs, seems setups revert to a default setup either at the next service or at the next stage. This is probably a really big bug that actually needs to be fixed asap.
  13. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    Appreciate the quick answer, but I'd still like to know whether the team's aware of the community's request to have: Spectator Mode for Multiplayer Lobbies Starting Grid Type Selection (i.e. Heats vs. Final) for Single Race mode/format in Multiplayer Lobbies Custom Starting Grid Selection for Single Race mode/format in Multiplayer Lobbies Then I'll promise to stop bothering you. 😛 (I hope I'm not being too bothersome)
  14. ApexOnlineRacing (AOR) is a well established league throughout the Sim Racing community. AOR is widely known as and referred to as the pinnacle of Esports leagues and racing. We try our very best to provide consistent and professional league racing experiences on various games and because of this our leagues attract more top level racers than most other leagues. After the latest 1.5 update to DiRT Rally 2.0, AOR is glad to announce its first Rally Championship on DiRT Rally 2.0. We hope to see the very best rally drivers face off against each other to determine the literal best of the best, you might have heard of some of them: Oscaro Joona P Williams BillyCherokee Oscaro Quinto This first Rally Championship will feature 10 locations, including DLC locations such as Monte Carlo, Sweden, Germany and Wales, each featuring 10 stages varying in length, complexity and conditions (more about this here). Each round will be open for 7 days, from Monday to Sunday, so everyone who signs up has more than enough time to complete the stages we've selected for them in the designated club. Now what has put AOR apart from other Rally Leagues has been its Tier System, in which all participants are divided between Pro Tier and Rookie Tier, with Pro Tier only being available after finishing in the top 3 of the Rookie Tier Championship. There's only two differences between the Rookie Tier and the Pro Tier, those being: Vehicles Used Pro Tier - R5 Rookie Tier - R2 Assists Allowed Pro Tier - None Rookie Tier - Some (more about this here) The past championships on DiRT 4 have shown an incredible amount of competition in both the Rookie Tier and the Pro Tier, more often the Rookie Tier is more exciting to look at that the Pro Tier, because of the fact that everyone's gunning for the right to compete against the best of the best in the Pro Tier. If all this hasn't persuaded you to sign up, I urge you to take a look and read through all the information on this thread. If it did, be sure to sign-up to our league here. Who knows, you might have a future AOR Rally Champion in you.
  15. SereneLogic

    DR2.0 - Multiplayer Features for Leagues

    @PJTierney With Clubs now being released, could you please convey the message that we'd like Germany and Sweden ASAP in there? That's my only feedback at this moment FOR CLUBS. As for Multiplayer, see my earlier reply to your post, I'd still like a reply to those concerns, if you wouldn't mind of course. 🙂