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  1. WRC holds a worldwide championship season to serve as a qualifier, with the top 4 advancing to a live finals. The above suggestions were made based on some constraints I assumed would be encountered. An ideal format would more or less be the following: Qualifiers Ideally, the qualifiers are meant to separate the fast from the not so fast drivers, the current format fails in this regards due to the aforementioned methodically practiced single-race pace. As stated, I'd much rather see a similar format to the first DWS of DR2 be used in the future of DiRT Esports, with one exception bei
  2. My bad, I misunderstood then. I thought you were on about a large scale year-long series, which would cost resources just for holding them. Your idea matches my championship format in a lot of ways. I presume you are referring to a club-based system where thousands are able to participate. This would work, but it would not be profitable for Codemasters in a number of ways, marketability being one of them. You can't livestream these events as well as you could with a live event with a set number of drivers. Additionally it would require some back-end work to get it going, since the current
  3. I do agree that a full championship would be preferably to get as close to reality as possible. However I am afraid that this would cost too many resources than the current esports scene on DiRT Rally 2.0 is worth. That's where my ideas come in, which pitch formats to get it inching towards reality whilst still being affordable in the resource department. With that we can then grow our esports scene, which the aforementioned formats do support and promote, to the point where such a full-blown championship series would be possible.
  4. Introduction Having watched the first Quarter-Finals, and having read the Sporting Regulations, I'd like to give my feedback on the overall esports format used in the first and second season of the DiRT World Series (DWS). Starting with the first DWS, this season was focused too much on cutthroat action and methodically practiced single-race pace. Instead it should have aimed to provide fairer action and require consistent pace. Similarly, the second DWS is seemingly focusing on the same cutthroat action and single-race pace, rather than the aforementioned fairer action and consistent pac
  5. Oh boy, whatever you say, at the very least entertainment was delivered. Although I'm not entirely sure that is was the best kind of entertainment that people were looking for... As usual, we're starting from the beginning, with the 4 Heats. First of all, I am a bit confused as to why the grids after Heat 1 were randomized, as it's entirely possible to set the grid according to the results of Heat 1. This arguably led to a lot more collisions and carnage between slower and faster drivers, which took away from the action that could've been delivered. I'll refer back to this later, but this
  6. @PJTierney Slightly elaborating on the RX side of the competition, as that got only a fleeting mention. For RX to profit from its innate marketability due to its short but exciting races, the more races the better, given it fits within a certain timeframe. For that I'd suggest a series of 3-6 events, each of these being held at a certain track. For these tracks I'd select a collection of tracks that all have different characteristics, therefor covering most of the available spectrum. If I were to suggest any collection it'd be: Trois-Riviéres / Bikernieku (1) Mettet / Catalu
  7. @PJTierney Forgot to mention one CRUCIAL thing, for the love of god, announce who has gone through publicly. People did not know who was in the Quarter-Finals till they ended. xD
  8. One thing I forgot to mention, in regards to RX Qualifiers this is pointless, but for Rally I'd actually make the qualifier consist of two stages, one long, one short. And spice up the weather a bit, keep degradation on Optimal/Low. 🙂
  9. Honestly, the Qualifers I'd not do much different than this iteration. I'd maybe lessen the amount of Qualifiers to 6, letting 2 through per Qualifier, dropping the cumulative as that was confusing for most. I'd also limit it to the classes such as R2R4, R5, GT and Gr. A, as realistically those are the only closses you'll ever get to using in the Quarter-, Semi- or Grand Finals. For RX, I'd limit them to RX2 and Supercars, for similar reasons. Personally I'd love for 16 people per platform, but that's a bit perhaps unrealistic given time constraints?
  10. I'd argue it isn't normal to have the last race be a decider in a multi race format, unless the racing's especially close. And from what I've seen the majority of people seem to agree. In RX 3 people out of the top 4 were eliminated due to forceful contact due to no fault of their own. That said, in Rally it was definitely less of an issue, due to it being near impossible to lose outside of your own fault.
  11. My ideal format can be described in one of two ways, a singular event format and a championship format. The Championship format would basically represent a small- to medium-length Championship of a set number of rounds, I'f imagine anywhere between 3-6. For Rally this'd follow a natural Rally, including Power Stages. And for RX this'd follow a Heats -> SF -> F format, albeit maybe not 4 Heats, since that'd be too long. These events would cover a spread of DLC and non-DLC tracks, narrow and non-narrow locations/tracks, tarmac, gravel, etc. For a singular event I'd go with a Qual
  12. With the competition now over, I guess it’s time to give my opinion/feedback of the DiRT World Championship…Oh boy…where to start - I guess at the beginning? I’ll be covering the topics based on the timeline, so I’ll start with the Qualifiers, then the Quarter- and Semi-Finals and then the Finals at the Autosport International Show. Qualifiers Honestly, I feel as if we already started off on the wrong footing, because as soon as the announcement was made and everyone dove into the “Sporting Regulations” and “Terms & Conditions” documents – And what they found, was no small feat.
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