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    I have a problem. Recently my PS3 hasn't been woking well at all. It kept freezing online and sometimes it wouldn't connect to the internet. When I was playing career mode the other day on F1 2013, the inevitable happened. My PS3 froze mid game and shut down with my F1 disk inside. I tried turning my playstation on again but it went green then Amber and then it flashed red. I tried turning it on again to get my F1 disk out but again it wouldn't turn on or give my disk out. I searched it up and I though it had the yellow ligh of death meaning after 7 long years, my PS3 had passed away along with my F1 disk However I now have no games to play apart from a couple of games I got from the internet but I wanted to know if there was anyway to get my F1 game transferred over to my computer while I wait for F1 2014 to be released or am I stuck without my game until F1 2014
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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    That's never gonna happen, I'm afraid.The teams have way too much money invested in their brands and assets to let a game stomp all over them. Agreed and CM can't do this anyway due to licensing restrictions the only person that's allowed to move teams is the player I just feel that it would add something to the career mode. After a while it does become quite stale because everything is the same season after season.
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    I quite like the game designs. Especially helmet 24 which looks pretty much exactly the same as my go karting helmet
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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    My updated list for what I want in Career mode A live driver market so drivers switch teams at the end of the season Rookies Drivers retire (as in the end of their career) Calendar changes (new tracks, returning tracks, tracks leave the calendar) Manager Mode (which could go to the extreme where you don't race but you sign two drivers and build your car, sort out tactics etc...) Only if their is a live driver market, a longer career Personalised numbers Realistic unrealibility 2010 style career Choose your career length Maybe make the whole paddock which you could just walk around and talk to the press etc... Choose your contract length Have more than one rival Long term rivalries which span on for a few seasons, like Senna and Prost And finally, ANYTHING THAT DOESNT MAKE CAREER MODE STALE AFTER ONE SEASON
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    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    2010 For Me
  6. Projects CARS will be the best racing sim when it gets released. Codemasters shouldn't look to project CARS as competition though. They are both racing games but Codemasters focus solely on F1 on an annual basis while project CARS has been in development for YEARS and could be for a while more meaning project CARS has the time to make the game as good as possible while Codemasters only have the year timeframe and Codemasters do a good job in that year timeframe despite the game needing improvements
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    Difficulty settings

    The cars in 2013 annoyed me when I had the game. I love racing in legendary difficultly and I did for 2010,2011 and 2012, even in the slower teams as it wasn't impossible. 2013 was impossible. I was nowhere near the pace in the slower teams and even in a Lotus I couldn't compete unless the track was Melborne and Montreal. I'm not sure if it was because I'm a pad user (currently) or it legendary on 2013 was impossible
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    How is the AI in F1 2013?

    They are more aggressive on F1 2013 but you can still gain quite a few positions into the first couple of corners
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    2014 traction levels

    I agree with you. Some people might be new to the games so it would be unfair if they get F1 2014, just to hate the game because they can't control the car. However you can't make the game to easy as the experienced f1 gamers or hardcore F1 fans would get bored and would want to drive with realistic traction
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    F1 2014: #1 Career Mode / Grand Prix Mode

    A live driver market would do the game a lot of good in my opinion. I can never complete a career mode because I will eventually get bored because nothing ever changes. It does in FIFA so why not F1. We also need rookie drivers and defiantley some calendar changes. Some tracks might be dropped in favour of a new or returning track
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    Codemasters please read!

    An idea I had was to put on the new consoles and the old consoles. I mean it has been done. FIFA released their games right up to FIFA 14 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PS2. If they put it on both generation of console, then it means that people who want it on a new console can get their PS4 or Xbox one and buy F1 2014 or can keep their PS3 or Xbox 360 and buy F1 2014 so they don't have to spend a lot of money on the new console
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    Thanks Everyone :D
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    Ok thank you
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    will the release date ever be renegotiated?

    To be honest, I think the game should be released between the end of October and Middle of November. That gives Codemasters more time to perfect the game.
  15. and22rew

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Another one could be how many of our ideas are being considered for being part of the game
  16. and22rew

    Music Thread

    For me, it has to be Coldplay
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    The Future at Codemasters

    I would personally LOVE an IndyCar game. Toca 4 would be amazing along with a stand alone V8 supercars game or an Le Man Series Game
  18. Adelaide Kyalami (South African GP) Nurburgring (Full circuit) Detroit Jacarepagua (Old Brazilian GP) Dijon (Old French GP) Long Beach (US West GP) Paul Ricard (Old French GP) Caesars Palace (There was a GP here in 1982 and another year I believe Jarama (Old Spanish GP) Buenos Aires Watkins Glen Anderstorp (Swedish GP) Mosport (Old Canadian GP) Montjuic (Old Spanish GP) And that's about it really
  19. Well it's a very creative approach to the career mode and has potential. The interview didn't sit right with me as Crofty was talking to you (asking who YOU would drive for) but you replied talking about someone else but it's a great idea. Good luck with exams
  20. and22rew

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Well I still find on the hardest difficulty I can gain 10-11 positions on the first lap
  21. and22rew

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I think also a manager mode would be fantastic. Maybe it could be you creating the 12th team on the grid or you buy out one of the back markers. Also an editing feature. For example, being able to change what teams the drivers race for, the nationality, the names of both drivers and teams and the teams livery (but that might not work) Also being able to create new drivers who can come up to F1 or new teams. This was very similar to racing manager 2014 where you could change the names of any drivers or teams. change the team livery, team finances and the overall ability of the team Staying with racing manager 2014, it had a very in depth R&D system where you would have this MASSIVE R&D tree where you could take paths ranging from aerodynamics to mechanical components. That would be amazing in F1 2014 Maybe add in some different circuits for the career mode and not just for Classics. For example, circuits like Mexico or Azerbajan could feature on the calander instead of the official schedule or maybe the calander changes every season with new circuits featuring, old circuits are left off or old circuits are reintroduced and maybe a different calander length. For season 1, have say the 19 races but season 2 has 22 races. Another idea is in season testing like we have now this season. If you are doing well, you might miss the test or if you are lagging behind, you can use the test for R&D purposes. Also maybe include the preseason test as well to learn your challenger for the season Also, maybe focus on the little things. Make us hear maybe the commentator in the background or the cheering (or booing) of the crowd. Make us hear the massive lock ups and all those little things we can now hear this season But please Codemasters make the drivers move teams during the career mode after a season or so with drivers retiring or returning and rookies coming through. If you can do this that would be amazing :D
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    Formula 101 Season 2/ Formula 102 Season 1

    I'm interested in joining. Is it on Playstation or Xbox?
  23. and22rew

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    My ideas for career mode 1- Drivers switch teams during the career mode. For example, Sebastian Vettel might move to Ferrari at the end of the season 2- Rookie drivers- For example drivers like Sam Bird or Stoffel Vandoorne could join F1 during season 2 or 3 3- A junior formula like GP2. Even if it doesn't have the official licensing 4- Realistic unreliability 5- Realistic fuel saving 6- Realistic Driver Traits 7- Like aarava mentioned in the video, living the life of an F1 driver like you did on F1 2010 with the media interviews and pens 8-The AI being more aggressive at the start