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  1. Why is everyone expecting any more than this outcome? You are talking about Codemasters here you know? The laziest developer since EA Activision, they don't care about the game once it's released and hell, they don't really care whilst making the game, they just want to patch it together with as little effort as possible whilst holding back on paying for extra staff.

  2. < Australian and downloading. And yes, I have been really critical of Codedisasters and how pitiful they've been, alas I have bought it as it's only $57 AUD, typically new games are around $90 - $110 and thus I figured if they're selling it at half the price for a half arsed effort then it's worth it. :P

  3. Gav25182 said:

    F1 CE, hands down

    I was on an F1 forum where they spoke to Studio Liverpool in the early 00s about their game, really told them what was wrong. SL listened, changed things, and their last release remains the best F1 game on PS3. Hood just makes the game he wants and stuff everyone else.

    Agreed, F1 CE for the PS3 is my favorite and I personally think is the best F1 game currently on the PS3. F1 2010 isn't far off but the glitches it has take it down a few notches compared with CE. Every damn sequel to F1 20 seems to regress content wise because Steve Hood can't be arsed to put new stuff in and would rather save himself (and Codedisasters) the money that should be going into the game. Minimum effort and resources

    I really hope Codedisasters loose the license to making the games which will allow someone who cares to buy it!

  4. It's Codemasters, it's a Codemasters game which is equal to Activision and Activision games. In other words, a poor effort with expectations of as much money as possible earned. They no longer care about putting effort into their games ("We don't want to put too much money into this area"), just make as minimal effort as possible ("We don't want to put too much money into this area"), advertise the game a little ("But not too much, we don't want to put too much money into this area") And expect us all to consume the end product.

  5. It'll last 2 seasons, this season it's cheap because they are spec cars like gp2, next season they will develop their own cars and it'll probably be more expensive than f1, they are also ridiculously slow, below gp3 definitely. It's just another dump for failed f1 drivers. Loads of artificial crap in it too
    Electric cars can't be any more artificial than petrol cars, just saying.

  6. There's nothing wrong with having a different type of motorsport. Electric engines are much more exciting than the old Internal combustion engine, it's nice to have a multitude of types of motor sports, it'd be boring if we only had the same old series with the same old regulations. Nothing wrong with new things.

  7. mmpaw37 said:

    Well that would be Birmingham primarily, not the other CM studios. Dev interactions with us on the Grid forum have been more than good in a total switch of attitude toward us the potential customers, and so has been on the Dirt forum as well.

    It's just this Birmingham staff with that terrible targa guy leading them. Racing Studio and the Dirt boys have redeemed themselves in my humble opinion. They are doing things well as opposed to these other ones we've got here

    @T4RG4 was promoted to Lead Designer I believe some time ago...

    ...Explains quite a lot if you understand what I mean!

    No surprise, you know someone's guilty when you ask them "Why do your glitches persist and why haven't you tried to rectify them?" which ends up getting you blocked from his Twitter account and the question removed.

  8. vtidixon said:
    That is EXACTLY the same as the last 2. What do cm do in a year if they cant even be bothered to change the list since 12 was released.
    Obviously nothing, incredibly lazy is exactly what they are, and for what purpose? Well, I'm pretty certain it's only because they don't want to have to pay staff and the execs get a heap. That pathetic excuse for a human being Steve Hood didn't like it when I called him out for being lazy and a liar, must have hit a nerve huh?

  9. I know why and I've been saying this for a while now. It's because they only care about the money, it's just so blantly obvious. They could put more effort in to making each years games better than the previous, they could repair the nasty glitches that have plagued each and every game since 2010, they could hire more staff... So why don't they? Because that all costs money and they'd rather do a shoddy job of making the game and ship it out half baked, maximum profits for them and lack of quality for us. They're basically just like EA Games, Ubisoft and Activision, they all started out making really good and quality games, but in the current era all that is a concern for them is money.

    Oh, and I would never get my hopes up if I were any of you, not while Steve Hood is the director as the guy is just a toxin to the series, just a money grubbing liar.