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  1. yeah 12 races on youtube, selectively chosen by you when things go your way.. I think we all know who is the faster, just look at the racenet leaderboards for this week :) 
  2. Actually I didn't leave because of you I left because I went out for dinner, thats right I LEFT THE HOUSE, you should try it buddy its even more realistic than grid autosport, maybe you could treat fluke to a romantic meal that isnt at mcdonalds for once - this could also help with the old calorie control. Your score keeping between NSR and NWR is pathetic, let me poke some holes.. - We join and you and fluke are already 1-2 in the lobby, we start in last. - One of your lesser skilled teammates holds back to ram us - We eventually get through but by the this time you and your mammoth girlfri
  3. hi gregtwo here, sorry if I have hit NSR at any point im not very good at the game sometimes I miss my braking point. I am trying really hard to get better if you guys would like to give me some tips that woudl be realy cool :)) PS: xox fluke xox baby you r the 1 for me, you have ignored all my messages but your empty responses only make my heart beat stronger :wink: 
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