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  1. gregtwo

    grid autosport league xbox 360

    yeah 12 races on youtube, selectively chosen by you when things go your way.. I think we all know who is the faster, just look at the racenet leaderboards for this week :) 
  2. gregtwo

    grid autosport league xbox 360

    Actually I didn't leave because of you I left because I went out for dinner, thats right I LEFT THE HOUSE, you should try it buddy its even more realistic than grid autosport, maybe you could treat fluke to a romantic meal that isnt at mcdonalds for once - this could also help with the old calorie control. Your score keeping between NSR and NWR is pathetic, let me poke some holes.. - We join and you and fluke are already 1-2 in the lobby, we start in last. - One of your lesser skilled teammates holds back to ram us - We eventually get through but by the this time you and your mammoth girlfriend are far into the distance - You post on Youtube going "NWR HAHAH 10-2 omg these guys r so bAD!""" - Oh and on the occasions we manage to get past your team mates and catch you and fluke on the track, those ones dont end up on youtube, isnt that funny! -I pretty sure that most people have noticed that your 'series' of videos on youtube tend to only show one race of each playlist discipline, when everyone knows that there are two of each. suggesting that you tailor your little 'championship' to make us look bad :)
  3. gregtwo

    grid autosport league xbox 360

    hi gregtwo here, sorry if I have hit NSR at any point im not very good at the game sometimes I miss my braking point. I am trying really hard to get better if you guys would like to give me some tips that woudl be realy cool :)) PS: xox fluke xox baby you r the 1 for me, you have ignored all my messages but your empty responses only make my heart beat stronger :wink: