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  1. Thanks for the answer. The thing is, that i'm mostly using the speedometer in combination with the indicated gear for corners but i rely mostly on the indicated speed.  So sadly, yes the lack of the Speedometer is a game breaker for me.  To play in T-Cam View just to have the Speed is just not the same. I think i'll wait until there are some Steering Wheel mods or Camera Mods out.
  2. So, after watching Trailers and Gameplay Videos, there is one big thing that bothers me. I'm missing the speedometer on the Steering Wheels. I usually use the Cockpit View and it's very irritating to not know how fast i'm going. The big Gear Indicater is not really helpful. Can i change the information shown on the display of the wheels so that my speed is shown or have CM simply removed the Speedometer? If so, then the Game is not really worth buying.
  3. I've been wondering if it is possible to disable the Voice in the Game Menus only, so that i'm still able to hear the Engineer. In Game there is only an Option to disable all Voices. I've tried to rename the Audio Files for the Voice in the Games Installation Folder which gets rid of the Voice but if i do that, then the Game won't save my progress. I want to get rid of the Voice in the Menus because she is annoying and ads no flair whats so ever  to the Game. If someone has an idea, please let me know.
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