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  1. I cant anymore racing on wednesday due to work. Friday is better. Waiting for F1 2020 and new season!
  2. First of all, I want say thanks to you all for creating league with that start time. I live in the very east timezone, so 99% of leagues dont suit me due to late start time. I participated in leagues since F1 2011. But a year ago I took a break. And this race was my first after that long break 🙂 So my objective for now was just finish. Especially on this hard track. But my internet failed me. Anyway race was a disaster. Too much mistakes. There are few my highlights:
  3. If there is still a vacant place, i want join) Any team. Steam ID: Reikoraph
  4. It is old screen, i have seen it in february
  5. Online practice is nice, very hope for 22 players limit in multiplayer!
  6. Good, now waiting for steam store page and pre-purchase.  :)
  7. "The game will launch much earlier in the Formula One season" http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/08/f1-2014-and-beyond-your-questions-answered/
  8. No. We deserve a decent patch to correct all the [...] mistakes they made. They had one year to fix all the 2013 issues, add correct engines and sounds, proper game mechanics and so on.  I paid 50 EUR for this. If they don't patch it, I want 2015 with a 75% discount. No, i too bought this game and dont need the patch.
  9. Better make 2015, not patch on 2014
  10. But Australian server is not trial, need buy it
  11. I don't believe you. Why don't you post a video of you playing it on pc? Just look Australian F1 store page, it out.
  12. Yes Steam has a global release of October 17th. :) Lol, Japanese can play license PC version without steam?
  13. Hm in Japanes steam release date set for October 17th too
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