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  1. I cant anymore racing on wednesday due to work. Friday is better. Waiting for F1 2020 and new season!
  2. First of all, I want say thanks to you all for creating league with that start time. I live in the very east timezone, so 99% of leagues dont suit me due to late start time. I participated in leagues since F1 2011. But a year ago I took a break. And this race was my first after that long break 🙂 So my objective for now was just finish. Especially on this hard track. But my internet failed me. Anyway race was a disaster. Too much mistakes. There are few my highlights:
  3. If there is still a vacant place, i want join) Any team. Steam ID: Reikoraph
  4. It is old screen, i have seen it in february
  5. Online practice is nice, very hope for 22 players limit in multiplayer!
  6. Good, now waiting for steam store page and pre-purchase.  :)
  7. "The game will launch much earlier in the Formula One season" http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/08/f1-2014-and-beyond-your-questions-answered/
  8. No. We deserve a decent patch to correct all the [...] mistakes they made. They had one year to fix all the 2013 issues, add correct engines and sounds, proper game mechanics and so on.  I paid 50 EUR for this. If they don't patch it, I want 2015 with a 75% discount. No, i too bought this game and dont need the patch.
  9. Better make 2015, not patch on 2014
  10. But Australian server is not trial, need buy it
  11. I don't believe you. Why don't you post a video of you playing it on pc? Just look Australian F1 store page, it out.
  12. Yes Steam has a global release of October 17th. :) Lol, Japanese can play license PC version without steam?
  13. Hm in Japanes steam release date set for October 17th too
  14. I set Override Device Type to "Gamepad", but my car completely stopped turning  with my wheel, what wrong?
  15. When championship start on pc and ps3, how long wait more?( 
  16. The most important thing for me is 22 players in online.
  17. To my disappointment F1 2013 have working  trainers in online. :( Codemaster can you somehow fix it please?
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