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  1. @justbiglee Can you say something about the Grid Scene? Will it be a video sequence or will we be able to drive into the grid? :)
  2. @justbiglee but can you answer us some questions? Maybe 2 questions or so every day? That would be very cool  :)
  3. Then don't play on legend.... I win every shit race with a 20 second gap, that's rediculous. The legend AI should be faster and if you can't beat them you should use an other difficulty..
  4. Of course! :smiley: What about on PC, can we use mics to talk to the engineer? If not then boo  :p They said on twitter that it's only available on console. Very sad :/ you can use headsets on pc too, so why not on pc as well?
  5. I'm not really annoyed, as it could be a simple gimick, other games have tried and failed with similar interactions. Until we know more, and how well it works, it's not something I'm going to cry about. All I want is ai that is fun to race against, great ffb, and better physics. If it comes close to how Project Cars is, I'll be happy, been making PCars videos for a few day now, and the ai is fun to race against. Yes that might be true, but if ps4 and xbox one users get this feature it's a bit disappointing that pc users can't use this feature. In my opinion it should be on pc too if it's a
  6. No nothing like that, it's part of the whole broadcast style presentation we're going with so think of it as more like mimicking the kind of stuff you see on TV before a race in the same way the podium stuff comes after the race. Hope to show it to you as soon as we can so it makes a little more sense. @justbiglee   So, there is no formation lap in the game? Correct me if i'm wrong
  7. The pc users are annoyed, because it is not available on pc...
  8. Oh dear.. I hope its in the next gen game. Thats what i said ERS will be completely pointless. It doesn't make sense to use it, it will make no difference if its in the game or not. unfortunately.. :(
  9. Can we use ERS with a button too? Im not quite sure, but in real life it makes the team until its perfect, but the driver can still press a button in the cockpit to get more power. Can we do this too? And then when a driver starts overtaking he can press the "Overtake Button" Is this in the game? If not ERS will be pointless, because everyone will find the perfect setting for a round, so there is no advantage as with KERS.
  10. The second video is mine. And i agree with Jack, we drive in the same league and that's just ridiculous. You gain an advantage of about 30 Kmh, about 3 tenths in sector 1. You can't control that in a league it would take too long to look at every video (if there is a video). The game should, no wait what i'm talking about, it MUST give you a warning. This is a bad joke, you drive straight through the chicane and get an advantage WTF?! Please CM improve that, it doesn't take much time to transfer the system from Time Trial to Online Mode.
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