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  1. Has anyone reported a fault when on formation laps and in the pit stop the camera looks to the rear and also on a formation lap they drive a normal lap not war,I gotta up etc like in previous games? just wondering if not I will do a bug report
  2. pe7rolh3ad

    Unrealistically fast practice program times.

    I too have had the same issues but got to Spain and passed them all no problem struggled in p1 with the programmes but p2 and 3 I managed to geen and a few purples, I remember reading they had tweaked the rubbering in for 2020. So I’m just gunna wait till p2 to do them
  3. pe7rolh3ad

    Tyre pressures barcelona

    Cheers bud I will look into that in p3
  4. pe7rolh3ad

    Tyre pressures barcelona

    Exactly what I’ve just tried in practice 2 but No improvement I shall stick to a harder strategy
  5. pe7rolh3ad

    Tyre pressures barcelona

    Anyone having issues with the surface temperatures of the tires at Spain I can’t seem to get the front’s to have less temperature causing extreme tyre wear anyone have any hints on what psi to run
  6. pe7rolh3ad


    Yeah is something i will have a look into when the money allows!
  7. pe7rolh3ad


    Hello mate, im on ps4, so im assuming you cant get mods
  8. pe7rolh3ad


    Looking for some advice on pedals, i was recently bought a wheel t150 as a present, its fantastic however i can not get used to having abs off as i feel the pedal weight is way to light and would like a lot more realistic feel to be able to not use it, my question is has anyone upgraded thier pedals and did it help?