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  1. OK guys u helped so much I'm doing co op career wit my mate but it seems I'm only god with ferrari all other teams I try I fail I coome 2nd in Ferrari btw
  2. OK so when you go round corners how do u insure the turn is spot on while going at top speed though
  3. I can follow the race line its just coming through turns without coming of the track I also switched to manual gear it helped but not drasticly
  4. d on 2011 I'm currently Williams but hate the car its so bad at corners
  5. OK I just wanna ask what's the best starter team?
  6. Oh OK thanks I wandered if it was about the car I'll take that in mind I'll take it slow
  7. But I did practice in a Ferrari in time trial and williams in career would that make a difference just a thought 
  8. OK so I've been doing it for about an hour in time trial in f1 2011 and I did perfect 1.25 but when it comes to the career I just go flying off corners no matter what
  9. I'll try what u said later  So should I turn off ABS?
  10. And when I pull the brakes I come to a slow pace I wanna be able to tackle corners with speed like everyone else
  11. Well for example I don't know when to brake and should I turn ABS off?
  12. Yhh its definitely the corners I suffer on 
  13. Well I tried that and didnt work what so ever so I watch a hotlap on yt and people on all turns just glide round them at like top speed but when I try to do that I just go flying so fuck auto break don't make a bloody diffrence
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