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  1. Don't feel guilty for cutting the first corner in casual races. It's pretty much the only safe way to escape if you start near the front on tracks like Monaco or Bahrain. If I start near the back and I don't see a few people going wide I usually avoid the apex on the first corner. Every decent player will be aiming for it so it is usually much safer to go wide and get in someone's slipstream. As they say, races are not won on the first corner but they are often lost there. Turning TC off and using manual helps because you can get off the line faster and pull away faster on the straights.
  2. Cossie, hands down. I love the way it handles.
  3. Your points aren't invalid because you think you aren't very good at the game. I think number 2 is a great idea. 2013 had a hot lap overview but it wasn't very in depth for any specific corner. There is going to be a very easy difficulty in 2014 if I remember correctly. 1. A save replay feature. I want to see where I am losing time, or how I gained time on my fastest laps. I have literally no idea how I managed to do the first sector of Brands Hatch as quickly as I did on my record and I would have liked to be able to see it in a replay. 2. More classic tracks and cars. I understand how diff
  4. It should cancel your next lap if you corner cut anywhere in the third sector. That is a little strict, but there is plenty of room for error on the first couple of sectors and it makes it almost impossible to gain an advantage through corner cutting before the start of a lap.
  5. Try turning those assists off - they are far too conservative so it is difficult to get a good lap time or even overtake with them enabled. People are most likely beating you into corners because of how early the braking assist kicks in. Try to follow the racing line as much as possible. It isn't completely accurate but it is a great way to learn the braking points on each track. When you come out of corners don't push the throttle all the way down. The cars in 2013 have a lot less traction than their 2012 counterparts. Instead you should try and gradually push the trigger more as you straigh
  6. Which area are you struggling with? There is a variety of things that you could be doing wrong. The brake and/or cornering assists tend to be a burden for a lot of beginner players. Do you use them?
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