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  1. I'm now able to replay a race at its end. This required the addition of a Microsoft hard drive to my XBOX 360 4GB. An external hard drive doesn't work. Is it possible to store a race to be viewed at a later time. I'd like to be able to save favorite races if possible.
  2. Thanks all for your support, I really appreciate it. I received an answer back from Codemasters. In order to enable replays on the XBOX 360 4GB system, a hard drive needs to be attached. This is because the 4GB are flash memory, which is too slow to record a race. Flash memory is very fast to read, but slow to write.
  3. Thanks for the replies and appreciate your support. I'm still not able to replay a race. Nothing happens when I press the back button at the end of the race (in the results screen). If I crash, I can use the back button to rewind the action, but it doesn't do anything after a race. Do I need to attach an external hard drive to the XBOX 360 in order to store a race? Is there a setting for enabling a race replay? My XBOX came with 4GB of storage. Going to time trials allows me to drive any circuit ........ thanks!
  4. Howdy, 1. How do I replay a race? 2. I want to just drive on an existing circuit (no race). How can I do this? Mike
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