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    Your Fastest Laps?

    How about we all share our fastest laps here? In Time Trial, I just ran a 1:37:042 at Malaysia....let's see me get that over to Career. :p (This is in the Ferrari BTW) So, let's hear yours!
  2. IcemanFan7

    Post your Desktop!

    Post your desktop images here. Phones and tablets are okay as well! Here's my Windows 8.1 Desktop. Thinking of rolling back to Windows 7 though. And my iPhone 5S, I really like the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 though. So, post yours!
  3. IcemanFan7

    What controller do you use to play F1?

    Using a PC controller currently, would really like to get my hands on a wheel. Hopefully by the time F1 2014 releases.
  4. IcemanFan7

    F1 2012 help!

    I don't believe that you are in the actual race then. As FS7 said, you are probably in practice or qualy.
  5. IcemanFan7

    Lets Talk about Vettel.

    I've held this opinion for a while, and still do. I think if you put them in equal cars, Alonso, maybe even Hamilton, would beat out Vettel. Not saying that Vettel isn't a great driver, but I think that both are better than Vettel in equal cars.
  6. IcemanFan7

    The Rant Thread

    Vettel can go drive a Marussia.
  7. They fanboy in me thinks that Kimi can still come back.  But, I do have some bit of sanity in me.
  8. IcemanFan7

    The Rant Thread

    Westboro Baptist "Church". That is all.
  9. IcemanFan7


    It's 11 o clock at night here. I got excited and read this as "Codemasters has got the NASCAR license, how should the game be made" Don't mess with my emotions like that. :p I'd love a CM NASCAR game. Just get a simple, basic career mode with solid gameplay. That would be good enough for a first game. As they got more experience with NASCAR, continue adding different features, NW and Trucks, etc. at a good, constant rate. But first, they have to get the license. Which, they could if they wanted to, since Eutechnyx doesn't have an exclusive license like EA, correct?
  10. IcemanFan7

    When will we get some or any news?

    We'll get news when CM is ready to release it. :p In all seriousness, I'd expect somewhere in the summer, around late June, early July, like @sjsharp2010 said.
  11. IcemanFan7

    Post your Desktop!

    Ended up going back to Windows 7.
  12. IcemanFan7

    The NASCAR Discussion Thread

    Was really hoping that Jr would hold off Harvick. I think if that last caution hadn't come out (Kurt's wreck) Jimmie could have held off Harvick long enough for Jr to get a decent lead and the win. I'm impressed with Jr so far this year though, a win, 3 second place finishes, and a 3rd.
  13. IcemanFan7

    2014 Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix

    I'm not gonna make it to 2AM, I'm groggy now at 10:42.
  14. IcemanFan7


    I'd love for CM to make a NASCAR game. The Eutechnyx games are trash, and CM, I feel, could do a really great job with them! I think that there is a big enough fanbase in the states alone to make this game, and some fans worldwide as well. 750k in the states alone with 2011, and I know people who didn't buy it because they weren't sure Eutechnyx could make a good game, which they obviously couldn't, and would buy a game from CM in a heartbeat.  I think it would be great for CM to try their hand at NASCAR.
  15. IcemanFan7

    Next Gen

    We all know PC is where it's at. :p But because of my sucky GPU, I don't play most new games at high settings. (GT 610 1 GB GPU :/) But I was a 360 user, haven't decided between PS4 and XBO yet. Leaning towards PS4.
  16. IcemanFan7


    I voted Tiametmarduk, but Harrison101, aarava, AlexZAFro, and IntoTheBarrier are favorites as well.
  17. IcemanFan7

    2014 Verizon IndyCar Series Discussion Thread

    Hoping to see some steady improvement with JPM. Once he gets really comfortable in the cars, don't be surprised if he's running up front consistently and picking up wins. He's got a load of talent.
  18. I waited a while for the disc version, then I said screw it, I need to play a new F1 game, and bought it on XBL and Steam. :p
  19. No need to bash with unconstructive criticism, even if you don't like it.
  20. IcemanFan7

    What is your favorite rally/race and livery?

    I don't think I could narrow down to one favorite...here are a few.
  21. IcemanFan7

    The Future at Codemasters

    Something that hasn't been said yet here in this thread...NASCAR. It would be a huge undertaking for something entirely new...43 cars, more than 20 tracks, etc., but I think Codies could pull it off. The Eutechnyx games for the most part are rubbish, and I think CM could do great at it. Just don't let it take anything out or F1. ;)
  22. The Madcatz MC2.  http://store.madcatz.com/categories/MC2-Racing-Wheel-for-Xbox-360-REFURB.html?search=previously+played
  23. IcemanFan7

    Mercedes Whitewash ?

    I don't think it will happen. The non Mercedes engine teams will most likely catch up, something out of their control will happen, etc. I don't think it's likely they win every race on the calendar. Most of them? Quite possibly. All of them? Most likely not.
  24. IcemanFan7


    December 6th for me. I'll accept any presents that include: cars,girls, and money. Not in that order. ;)
  25. IcemanFan7

    The PC Thread

    Is there any real performance difference from a GTX 770 to another similarly priced or similarly performing high end AMD card?