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    do codemasters still make games??

    Steven Hood left? Codemasters is Done!
  2. Birddogg66

    Dirt 3 Complete Edition won't work

    Well mine loads but my Fanatec CSW want to pull to the right but does not do that in Standard Dirt 3 game. I have little hope codemasters will ever get a game entirely right and maybe should just consider committing themselves to fixing their problems or close their doors because there is no reason the consumer should have to put up with this crap.
  3. Birddogg66

    The Future at Codemasters

    For Codemasters to shut their doors! Dirt 3 complete had the same and more issues Dirt 3 has so nothing is fixed. Milestone is better then you guys!
  4. Birddogg66

    F1 2014

    Time to move on
  5. Birddogg66

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    First idea is to implement a fool proof controller support system before anything. If I can't make any old controller work with your games I call that a fail since other companies have perfected controller support and lay example as to the standards this area of game development should be expected to meet. NO CONTROLLER SUPPORT= NO STARS!!!!!
  6. Birddogg66

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Like a few others out there I have recently moved from a CSW base v1 to a CSW base v2. I was happy that GAS had good compatibility with my v1 base and that Codemasters may had actually broken some ground with regards to controller compatibility support. However I lose that compatibility with my v2 base which is disappointing. I am beginning to think this is a back to the drawing board issue that has plagued codemaster's games forever now and they just don't get it. Bad controller support equals a bad video game. NO CONTROLLER SUPPORT: NO STARS!
  7. Birddogg66

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I for one believe in Codemasters abilities. I do find much enjoyment playing the different racing games developed at Codemasters. However I have also found many things to be frustrated about as well. It almost seems like there are a few different development teams working under the Codemasters label. While excluding the obvious non sim titles like F1 Stars it seems with some elements these teams are not on the same page. This is more evident with your main titles. Dirt, F1, and Grid. The most obvious is a standard for input controller support which has been all over the place. I find I can setup and map My CSW in Toca 3 but neither my CSW or G27 are compatible with Grid. I have also found trying to map my controllers crashes Dirt Showdown which is relatively a new game in your line up. I would think that you would have created a rock solid generic profiler by now with regards to input wheel devices along with their shifters and pedals. Controller support should be of the same standard across all you racing game titles. Next is improving the physics engine and carrying that across you racing titles. It seems that there are built in assists and everything is canned. I really believe your tire technology is not so bad if you can find ways to eliminate the less believable behavior that comes side by side behavior that makes pretty good sense be studied and finding a rhythm within. The drifty effect seem just that built in effects. The F1 series I own 4 titles I really like the 2011 version as far as car handling is concerned and had my controller dialed in pretty good and wham I lose all the settings I worked so hard to achieve. You need a better save and recognition system to where these things are no longer lost. Never had a problem with my mapping any kind of controller in ISI based game engine titles. Learn from them most other developers already have. As far as F1 2012 and 2013 the car feels worse than 2011 and 2010 versions let's keep moving forward retaining things that work pretty well and improving things that don't Car handling does not have to change that much since a good handling car is a constant value in RL. Find what's good and stick with it. Oh one last thing the reasons for not having fully detailed cockpits in Grid Autosport is Hogwash every dirt title has detailed cockpit views F1 titles have it Grid has them. I think it's just an effort to try to punk the community with some lame reason why you did not do this in Grid 2 and Autosport. People see right threw it and are ready to sail you guys down the river if things don't change.
  8. Birddogg66

    This is what F1 2014 should be like

    I agree the game has to appeal to the masses that does not mean it has to sub par quality where the handling and feeling behind the wheel are concerned. Codemasters games look great and the environments full of life. That is not enough if the driving is crappy and the continued recycle of the same crap. How is a developer going to allow their titles to get worse with time not better? That is an equation for eternal disaster!
  9. Birddogg66

    This is what F1 2014 should be like

    Well Codemasters has to be Codemasters however I have actually seen a regression in some of your title series. I finally now have all the F1 series of titles due to the Steam Sale and the one that feels the best to me behind the wheel is F1 2011. 2012 and 2013 are terrible however they do look nice and the Historics were a nice touch for 2013 but the game is unplayable! Codemasters just seems to try to make too much effort for unneeded changes and have ended up screwing up good games are far as the driving is concerned. Then we have seen controller support differ from title to title series to series.  Create a Standard and stick with it! Make your more common changes with graphics quality or more and different content. In the Real World driving is for the most part a Standard Practice that should carry over into the virtual  world I think Codemasters makes great games for the most part and the areas that need to be focused on and fixed seem that could be done not too painstakingly. The Positives far outweigh the Negatives but the Negatives are significant enough to damage the overall enjoyment of the games