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  1. Torquez

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Less bugs, period.
  2. Torquez

    Game breaking bugs that are not fixed

    J0shter,   Sound bug happens consistently on my PC.  Pit crew delay is not upon releasing me and a car is beside/behind me, it's an animation bug where the crew doesn't get to its position and the car is blocked from ENTERING the pit stall.  Also, the tire issue, not due to me using too many, I'm well aware of how many tires I have and what issues I have if I use too many, this was a race ruined by the wrong tires being put on repeatedly.  I ended up making 5 pit stops.   All this time and NO response by CM.  Absolutely amazing. 
  3. First off, love this series, for some reason this series is the most fun I have out of any racing games I've played, simulation or arcade.  Because I enjoy it so much, it infuriates me that there are still game breaking bugs being ignored by Codemasters.  It seems like CM employees have buried their head in the sand and do not want to listen to anyone talking about game breaking bugs.  Gravel trap noise that doesn't' go away and is incredibly loud so you have to restart the race, but that doesn't fix the issue, you have to back out to the main menu and then restart the race.  Ridiculous penalties when racing the AI (and online of course).  Pit crew throwing on old tires instead of new ones.  Pit crew animation sticks which stops the car from entering the pit box properly and forces you into a 5-10 seconds stop instead of 3.  Stupid crap like that, being ignored year after year for some reason.  Do you just not know how to fix it?  I'd rather the truth come out then just ignoring it.  How is it possible that you fixed a bug in 2012, then re-introduced it in 2013.  Same bugs that have made it from 2011 all the way through 2013.  Will these same bugs be in 2014, or will someone finally put there foot down and say "we need to make a higher quality product, or we need to have a better QC/QA team.   I will gladly beta test for you if that helps.  Please spend more time with quality control on F1 2014!!!!  I can't say that enough.  You removed the old forums due to all of the negative publicity (there may have been other reasons, but some of it has to be that there was a large amount of negative talk because CM refuses to fix bugs and ignores the community when it comes to these very bugs)  Please wake up to this issue.  Prime example - I tweeted Steve Hood about the game breaking bugs, he said I was being overly dramatic.  Amazing.  I understand spending months f your time into a project and it basically being like a second/third child to you, but ignoring these issues will continue to keep this game in a lower tier and never let it see it's full potential.  No one is saying it's easy, I'm not, and I do not expect zero bugs, but ignoring them year after year, bugs that are in your face and aggravate you after you've ran 50 laps and the race is ruined, that's just being lazy on some fundamental level.  You waste time resolving bugs that really make no different to the person playing the game, yet you ignore game breaking bugs, year after year after year.  Please wake up and give us a higher quality product.