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  1. I didn't realize you answered me.... lololol .... I actually went back to play Dirt 3 tonight, got error 10038, did a google search for it and found the thread I started three months ago!!!  Anyways, thank you for getting back to me. changing the line begining with <motion enabled... to: <motion enabled="false" ip="dbox" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="0" /> worked perfectly! thanks!
  2. Hello, :smile: I've bought Dirt 3 and a whole bunch of other CodeMaster titles off of steam this weekend. Everything works but Dirt 3.  Everything runs beautifully  till, I hit the end of the race where the game freezes and I get the following message box: sendto failed with error 10038: An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket I have Win 7 x64, AMD phenom x4 960 BE, ATI R9 290. My nephew ran a copy of his NON-steam version beautifully in the exact same PC while he was living here. After the crash, I see steam was trying to upload a snapshot from race, don't kn
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