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  1. JackMacDaniels

    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

    I think it's not funny! ;-)   
  2. http://youtu.be/jRNXFhN_Ylw?t=20s Do you hear that? For me it is the worst sound I've ever heard. In reality this driver wouldn't have rear tires after 3 corners, if it sounds so on corner exit... and he would rotate 20 times around his own axis - every corner!
  3.                                                      Yeah, the V2 will be a big step forward! Brushless Servo Motor  B) My settings are good, that isn't the problem. I use, depending on the race track, 260-280°, in the game all 100, except the last. For me it is ok. But if you use the V1 with other simulations, you will see what this wheel does on a track if the FFB is well done! It's alive!
  4. Fanatec CSW V2 will be released in the coming weeks and months, is it supported? In F1 2013, the support of the CSW V1 was not well implemented. The Fanatec WheelBases are the best wheels! A bad or no support would be a no go... Btw: The sound in your hotlap videos is ridiculous. Especially during accelerate. An F1 doesn't sound like that! That's a great and very realistic sound at accelerating in iRacing: Listen to the engine at the corner apex/exit, especially in slower corners! VERY GOOD!! iRacing Dallara Indy Reality, F1 2,4 V8 2012: Listen to the engine at the corner apex/exit, especially in slower corners! ORGAS*MIC!!! Real F1, Ferrari 2012 Reality, F1 1,6 Turbo V6 2014: Listen to the engine at the corner apex/exit in slower corners! V6 TURBO & BATTERY ;-) Real F1, Ferrari 2014 or Real F1, various 2014 Codemasters F1 2013: Listen to the engine at the corner apex/exit, especially in slower corners! UNREALISTIC! Codemasters F1 2013 Codemasters F1 2014: Listen to the engine at the corner apex/exit! Still more badly?! Oh yeah, I think so! Codemasters F1 2014 In video 1-3 you get a great traction/motor feedback, even at minimal throttle position at the corner apex/exit! Strong, clear response, earthy, sexy - motorsport! Not like in video 4&5, this thin, soft, faded and diffuse sound especially at half throttle. But that was so often said by me and many other drivers, but CM doesn't care - since F1 2010! So I don't think that it will improve. Probably, it will get worse with the V6 engines. But in my video comparisons is much more to see... Incorrect grip level, corner speeds, and much much more! It's Pure Acarde Racing! Also no temerature/wear management with tires and engine, but that is another issue... Codemasters: You're specializing in racing games. After 5 years of F1, it's time to integrate much more realistic in F1! If you want to be accessible to causal gamers, implements a separate hardcore profi mode - also for multiplayer, for pro leagues & pro racer! Without driver control systems and driving aids, designed for steering wheels, with ultra-realistic simulation parameters and fragile tires and engines, professional team radio and telemetry, extended/working setups and ultra fast Ai, etc... Then it makes sense again to drive online & offline. Not everything must be made foolproof accessible for everyone. Look at rFactor or iRacing! It works! So, there are enough who would buy it if it's more professional! High Quality game = High Quality community = payment-willing customers = more development opportunities... and so on... But currently, the Ai is so bad - it's easy to win with Marussia! And the multiplayer is unusable because of all the cheaters and crash kids. Or look in the time trial leaderboards ... the first 20 are cheater with absolutely unrealistic lap times. In these modes, no competition is possible! So we need a anti cheat system - e.g. like PunkBuster or whatever! All this attracts not the countless good, fair, capable and enthusiastic driver they really love F1 racing. And the few of those that are still here, move away more and more - every year! Look in the multiplayer! There are every year fewer people there! But every year more idiots and cheaters! The Commuity breaks apart! Codemasters F1 would have so much unused potential! What a pity... only the graphics are well done. The support should notify the developers about this, if CM wants to win back the lost customers of F1 2013/14 in F1 2015! I will not buy F1 2014 because it is the same loveless and unrealistic stuff as ever. Maybe I come back in F1 2015. Provided it's much more professional. Sorry if something is wrong, my english is not very good.