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  1. Watch your steering Wheel angle of The Front wheels at corner Exit and entry. Front wheels create more Friction when Turned. German Rallye legend Walter Roehrl once said "Imagine your throttle foot and your steering Wheel Are connected with a Thread. And you can only Push the throtttle down when you decrease the angle of the steering Wheel, don't know if that's the  correct Translation He means make sure to Release the Wheel the more you Accelerate. At corner entry make sure you don't throw the car into the corner, turn in more softly and slightly earlier, will make you slower, but will s
  2. GP4 didn't have a career mode, it didn't have any Scenarios, the season data was never the current season, it was always the previous season (GP2/3/4) The Car Modell and the handling was only modelled after One! car, an Arrows by the way, so no matter what Team you Chose your car always felt the same, Cockpit looked the same there was only one steering wheel design, Playercar had always the most PS you had to use GPXPatch to implement additional Features.... the list goes on and on, so I think it's a bit unfair to compare the "old" GP4 with todays Codies F1. All in all Codies ha
  3. That's actually a pretty damn good idea, I think I'll try that, too. Thx!
  4. Tell you what, I really did that in 2012 for a couple of times in career cos I was so pissed off by the constant ráin....
  5. :#   Yeah sorry Folks for crying out bug!! I just did it, but only after I switched off the Ghostcaranimation Seems it distracted me from driving softer. These turbos are real beasts in the wet.  @matt231985 You're right, mate!  I took the Corners in the next higher gear and shortshifted even more.  Weird Thing is it feels so goddamit slow while driving, but the times say you  are actually faster.... And I do miss the speedometer in the new Cockpits
  6. Hi, has anybody mastered time attack Scenario in Malaysia with no assists? I'm a strict no assists player and i can't get the bronze medal cos on the last Long straight, the DRS Zone, the Gosthcar pulls up from behind and overtakes me. Even though I'm already in 8th gear full Throttle. I'ts a wet Scenario, so i can't use DRS, but the Ghostcar seems to use it and Wroom.....off it goes. If I'd loose the time in the Corner ok, but i'm on a straight full Speed. How am supposed to win a medal if the Speed on the straight just isn't enough....It feels weird. I've won goldmedals in former S
  7. Do you know what "rev matching" is? It's a race driving technique which worked extremely well in 2012 and '13.  Basically when you break and shift down you lightly brush the throttle for each gear you shift down. Try it out, it works very good in the rain. Breaking and shifting upsets the car... Balance goes to the front. By brushing the throttle you can stabilize the car. I found it to shorten my brake distance in the wet. And you hardly start "Swimming" when braking too much. Try it  and let me know if it helped.
  8. Thanks for the reply, this is not what Spanish commentators say in the races, but i trust. What do the Spanish commentators say it is.....?
  9. Most of These guyes Use t-Cam Mode.... Just try it, t- cam I mean, you will Do Legend Times too. I Bet they wouldn't Do These times If they Used real Cockpit view but stay with Cockpit view cos that's real Racing Anthything Else is Arcade...
  10. Well thats just wrong. Don't ask codies to change something that 1 guy does compared to how the rest of real racing drivers decide when to change gears?? Theres much bigger problems in this game than this to fix. Don't come with Real Racer driver stuff.... There's actually no Feedback about Speed whatsoever. FFB Doesn't give Info about Speed, graphics Are not reliable and since you don't feel any twitching in your arse, like Real drivers Do, the Speedo is the only actual Feedback you get about Speed. It is important. Period
  11. FP1 and FP2 should be in the game regardless of any objectives, this is meant to be the official game of F1, and it is an embarrassment to CM that they can't do something that Sony managed on the PS2 by having each F1 practice session, and that was back when there were 4 practice sessions and a warm up. A high number of fans will use the practice sessions for their own uses, and those who don't wish to practice don't need to use them. I will be astonished if/when F1 2015 doesn't have these sessions.  I Do Hope you're Right 
  12. oh please don't say that.... They might listen and remove T3, or as mr. Hood likes to put it:" we felt it doesn't add much to the game"
  13. Well, i'd say that's fishy, i guess they wanna bully you outta the team. Maybe your interviews were to critical.....lol No honest, this can only be a bug (hopefully)
  14. That is so true. Problem is, nobody at codemasters seems to have ever played a complete 5 year career of any of their F1 games. How else can you explain those recurring bugs year after year. They probably just don't have the time to play because of their heavy workload.... ;-)
  15. Thanks for that post, very informative...But I think they should show the speed on the wheel ingame. T-Cam view has it. I only play real cockpit view, anything else is just... well, for....ya know.  ( no offence meant ;-)
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