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    Strict corner cutting in F1 2020

    track limits are not always the same in reality, this is determined by the race control before each race, this is not easy to implement in a game, so a strict setting was chosen. As I said before, the track limits in F1 2020 are the best. if i drive the same line as you and we cut the corner in exactly the same way, we get the same warning/penalty. in the older games it wasn't like that, i could have gotten away with a warning, but you could have gotten a penalty right away and even the penalties weren't always the same, sometimes there were three seconds, or five, or even ten seconds. most people just don't get it, just stop crying about it or learn how to drive properly
  2. zombie82

    Strict corner cutting in F1 2020

    it is called strict, not realistic, learn the difference.I drive fast times and get through a 100% race without penalties, if someone can't do that, he has to change his driving style. The tracklimits in F1 2020 are the best ever
  3. this is a huge problem. you even get a penalty if you only get very close to the other vehicle without touching it
  4. zombie82

    Blinking Textures

    change the anti-aliasing to TAA, that might help
  5. usar un traductor, ¿es tan difícil usar google? Yo también lo uso para traducir esto. https://www.deepl.com/
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    No german circuits anymore?

    yes, no german circuits in the official 2020 calendar, maybe next year. i recommend you youtube videos to watch the tracks. i like them, but hanoi is very difficult for me personally
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    you could use google
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    because the game can't write any data in that folder
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    the my games folder is read-only, that would explain both problems.
  10. zombie82

    Wrong helmet Leclerc

    of course the pictures of the 2020 helmet, i know how to use google
  11. zombie82

    Pit limiter bug

    you've never driven a car with a manual transmission, have you? you need the right speed in every gear. this is not a bug, it's just close to reality
  12. zombie82

    Wrong helmet Leclerc

    when i look at photos of the helmet and compare them with the texture of the ingame helmet, it is the same
  13. zombie82

    Ego dump crash + D3D error

    you ARE the ONLY one with a DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED error. maybe I say something like that, because my PC is not new and because it's not my first PC, maybe i'm just speaking from over 20 years of experience? post your dxdiag and we'll see what's wrong
  14. zombie82

    Williams Engine cover is wrong?

    engine covers can vary between races
  15. zombie82

    Ego dump crash + D3D error

    it's a driver/windows/directx problem I think and not the games fault. try to find a solution via google, it could be the chipset driver, but it could also be that the graphics card is not properly seated in the slot, or just a temperature problem.
  16. zombie82

    Another bug

    it's the crowd, it's too loud in many places
  17. looks like a screw, but it's too big on the car
  18. zombie82

    Penalty System for Corner Cutting!

    not this again -.- stay between the white lines, a curb is not the track. strict must be strict and not realistic
  19. zombie82

    Safety Car Deployment Bug

    it only happened once and that was before the last patch. if it happens again, i will post a bug report
  20. I had that in a ranked lobby, but it was still in version 1.03
  21. zombie82

    Safety Car Deployment Bug

    in one of my races the safety car came out, because I drove over the grass xD
  22. if you had used the search function you would know that others also have this problem
  23. had the same problem multiple times. a driver behind me hit my rear, 5 seconds for me and another 5 seconds because I hit the car infront... maybe a little too harsh and also completely unnecessary ^^ damage was on reduced and full.
  24. could it be a good workaround if you disable the steering assist completely?