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    Mechanical failures?

    I was running a career mode race last night at Canada in the rain, and I noticed that Ricciardo ahead of me was going a lot slower into corners than he should've.  The engineer came on and said, "We believe the car ahead is having trouble with his brakes".  So maybe there are mechanical failures.
  2. Hatta, the actual problem isn't that guys that use a controller are somewhat faster, the problem arises in the settings.  You can have your G27 wheel connected to the PC, use a slightly custom setup (re-mapping a few buttons, let's say), which causes the "device>" thing to say "custom".  And then below, you can select "gamepad" in the "Override input device".  This basically gives the ultimate in setup..the fine control of a wheel, with the steering assist of a gamepad.  Like Moogle says above, one of our fastest PRL drivers did exactly this, and immediately improved his lap time by nearly 1second.  By turning up the saturation a bit, and going full lock in a corner with a wheel, the game turned for him perfectly every time.  This either has to be exposed as a driver aid which can be limited/allowed in lobbies, or the ability to mix and match disparate input devices needs to be restricted.  Heck, I once accidentally had my Thrustmaster FFB430 behaving like a keyboard.  Was the weirdest thing ever.
  3. Blackthorne451

    GULF Air Bahrain GP - 2014

    Amazing race.  Unbelievable jousting between teammates.  Was too bad to see the Williams getting stuck behind the Red Bulls, and omg..."Riccardo is faster than you".  
  4. Blackthorne451

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I'd like to see more support for online leagues.  Take a look at Nascar 14 for what I'm talking about. It keeps track of points earned, league membership, race calendar, and auto-invites. From general online features, ability to race the "online" car in an offline mode, the ability to set the grid from the lobby and some more race info during the race.   In general, a weather report for the race in one-shot qual.