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  1. poulka22

    AFTER UPDATE Game wont start.

    Ok glad to know I am not not alone tried launching the digital game on my x and nothing. Cannot even get to black background with red Codemasters screen craps out.
  2. poulka22

    Career mode is now broken!

    I don’t mess with setups at all unless it is going to rain in the race (heavy rain) then I go for all downforce setup. I am going to experiment with a few other things and see can I find a remedy. Thanks for all the possible insights.
  3. poulka22

    Career mode is now broken!

    Also I ran Mexico at a slightly lower difficulty with the same result as Russia.
  4. poulka22

    Career mode is now broken!

    What I have noticed in my career is that after the 1.07 patch I cannot keep pace on the difficulty I had set. Here is what I see, I qualify pretty decent top 10. Then race comes car becomes difficult to drive, brake distance have to be increased. Car pushes in and out of turns like a dump truck. This basically allows the back half of the field to catch me and leave me. Happened to me in Russia with Ferrari, got frustrated contract came up switched to a maxed out Renault team. In Japan we finished 7th, I said okay not bad. Got to Mexico and it is like Russia all over again. Crazy. F2 season was a blast. Started doing that for now.
  5. poulka22

    Career mode question

    I believe so too. I was so enjoying this game. I went great detail on what I witnessed to make me question this. I sure CM addresses this issue because the game is a really good one, until I came across this.
  6. poulka22

    Difficulty in keeping up with AI in R&D

    I created a thread on this exact issue because here is what I found. I have justed finished Japan season 3. Before Japan I was in Ferrari we about third from the bottom in performance. I had done everything in chassis r and d. The power train I had only one item left. Aero I would say was about 80 percent completed. I could hardly maintain 17th in Russia a track I normally get a podium. Had fresh components same difficulty and I was struggling. Go to Japan I say okay contract is up and I go to Renault. Get there all upgrades are applied. I qualify I believe 10th. In the race all I could manage was 7th. On the performance chart it said I was first. To me something is not adding up because if I have all r and d and top performance I should at least by contending for fourth or podium. Now my difficulty was perfect before, I was not dominating but I was at least in contention unless a component was failing. This leads me to think all teams have maxed out their r and d except Ferrari because that is where I had been the last season. Now I love the game, but the way this r and d is working has made me put it down since that race because everything now seems predetermined.
  7. poulka22

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I did a race in Hungary that started dry then about 6 laps in (25% distance) it started to rain. I was running 17th with a car that normally runs in the top 10. I was a full second slower than car behind and car ahead.
  8. poulka22

    Career mode question

    I have noticed that where I am in season 2 most cars are maxed on r and d. My question is do cars ever reset back to a vanilla setting or will they stay at max. Minus any rules changes that negates upgrades if they cannot be adapted.
  9. poulka22

    Your first F1 game

    @FRACTURED that was my first games as well. Man I played that for several years finally stopping in 1996. Loved that game.
  10. poulka22

    Devon Butler is OP

    I am winding up the end of season two. Butler is with Haas they have the best cars and teammate is LeClerc. The last five races has has Butler winning four out of with LeClerc winning the fifth. I am with Ferrari and is only better than Racing Point.
  11. poulka22

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    @HDR10 I agree whole heartedly. It was a few games ago it was fun. You set down force to preset 1 and you had something called wheel lock. Which allowed the front wheels to have a larger turning radius. With both of those you could maneuver quite well. It was still tight but you more control and we’re much more competitive. Here lately I run a few laps then quit because I cannot keep up. Just to give an idea I race on 48 difficulty as to have challenge. I run in the top ten with an occasional victory running with Toro Rosso. Just did a Monaco race set difficulty to zero could not do anything. AI just ran right by me. As understeer was so bad.