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  1. I thought I was in the minority in this. I have seen people posting these crazy AI crashes, but I have seen none. In season three of my team and two other my careers in season one. All I get is mechanical DNFs. Run 25% races. No S.C. or VSC. Deluxe edition digital Xbox one X
  2. 1. Schumacher Deluxe edition 2. Digital 3. July 2, 2020 4. Have not tried Xbox GT poulka
  3. poulka22

    Fake sponsors as track advertising

    In regards to alcoholic sponsors they could take an approach the nascar games did a while back is have an age restrict dlc for those packages. The age restriction is regulated by an age appropriate gamer tag. But other than I am cool either way with sponsors on the tracks. Even I am a sucker for authenticity.
  4. Poulka Xbox one digital edition
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    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I did a race in Hungary that started dry then about 6 laps in (25% distance) it started to rain. I was running 17th with a car that normally runs in the top 10. I was a full second slower than car behind and car ahead.