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  1. Yes, if every player has NAT Open, basically on the device where you play, in my case it's on Xbox (but yes, it's about port forwarding the traffic on router), than every player is able to make a direct connection to any other players (P2P). https://portforward.com/nat-types/
  2. It is a problem of your players internet connection / networking. Game works as P2P and all people needs to have NAT OPEN because of that. In our league we require players to have NAT OPEN, and it works, but some players can't join the league. But yes, game could also fix it if the sessions were hosted on dedicated servers, but it's not.
  3. 1. During ERS practice program ERS at Spa Overtake ERS mode doesn't discharged battery meter of the practice program. I did not notice it before patch 1.03 (on other tracks), but it worked like when the pointer was at max and I switched to overtake, the pointer indicated fast discharging immediately. Yesterday at Spa, it didn't. 2. Xbox one X 3. 1.03 4. MyTeam 5. Once I usually start lap with settings to none, than use it on the fastest straights. At Spa I used the overtake mode between La Source and end of Kemmel straight and it was disch
  4. If I should point to just one idea, than most important for me it is the visor cam - moving head to see into turns like in Project Cars, that's the most important for me. There already is a rotation in the game, but it is connected to wheel angle and when you are making corrections it shakes the view resulting in making it unusable for me. Secondly, pilot is not an engineer and setup should be done or at least advised (again) in a similar way as in Project Cars - you tell your engineer what's wrong/what you need, and he tells you what should be changed or change it for you. At least, it h
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