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    Race highlights

    I am not sure if you are just playing with words, anyway I was comparing F1 2019's `highlights` feature with Grand Prix 2 TV camera / broadcast during replay, which was triggered by pressing `insert` if I remember correctly.
  2. SmiX

    Race highlights

    I'd love to see at least all overtakes in the highlights, because I am actually pretty diapointed as highlights mostly doesn't show very interesting action or at least I know there were much more interesting moments and they are not included. It is just "some moments" from the race, in most cases it it shows the begining of something good and the final great moment like my ala Lando overtake in Bahrain in 4th turn is cut out ... It feel so empty and sad to watch the replay of driving out of turn fast and getting closer to car in front and when the best should come .... a cut ... and nothing ... When I remember the Grand Prix 2, during replay it featured a "TV cam", it was showing the most interesting action what was just happening. Like real TV. If somebody was overtaking or trying to overtake, it was on the screen. If some car crashed or had a technical problem, it was on the screen. etc. ... In 1996 the game already known what is important to see and was able to detect it, so I belive in 2019 the game should also be able to detect what is probably a moment worthy of remembering and should the moment include in highlight reel.
  3. Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): Xbox Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): v1.03 Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): Career, 50%, Canada GP, 75 AI What happened in the lead up to the problem?: Wet race on start on 10th lap switched to mediums around 23rd lap Raikkonen DNF On end of 25th lap I saved mid game - before Jeff called me come to pits which I was not sure if I am not fast enough overcut tried one lap and as I was strugling with worn tyres I reloaded the mid save and went to pits as Jeff suggests I've finished 7th and had faster lap time than Raikkonen On Rivalry breakdown the result shows (screenshot added) : Raikkonen finished race (he didn't) ... so finishing position should not be better ... also didn't had faster lap This caused Raikkonen to win the rivalry instead of me Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): Thrustmaster TX, Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On Also added screenshot of saved race results gained from UDP telemetry. I am not sure if the game sees the fastest laps after loading mid game save as the telemetry app (RS Dash), which doesn't include any time on Raikkonen.
  4. SmiX

    No F2 Mulitplayer ?

  5. SmiX

    No F2 Mulitplayer ?

    They announced that F2 will be unavailable at the game release date, but will be added later with patch 😉
  6. SmiX

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    If I should point to just one idea, than most important for me it is the visor cam - moving head to see into turns like in Project Cars, that's the most important for me. There already is a rotation in the game, but it is connected to wheel angle and when you are making corrections it shakes the view resulting in making it unusable for me. Secondly, pilot is not an engineer and setup should be done or at least advised (again) in a similar way as in Project Cars - you tell your engineer what's wrong/what you need, and he tells you what should be changed or change it for you. At least, it helps new players to know better parts of the cars and the connections between values so they could change the setup better. Also when changing something on the setup - a projected change of telemetry graphs (look at Forza) would be great.
  7. SmiX

    F1 2019 weak breaking [ZX]

    This is possibly the most reported question at the moment on reddit, so I hope somebody from Codemasters confirms if it intentional or not. I believe it was always longer with ABS than without it, so this year, they possibly increased the difference between on/off.
  8. SmiX

    No F2 in multiplayer?

    They announced that F2 will be unavailable in the multiplayer at the release date, but will be added later 😉
  9. SmiX

    Steering wheel rotation degrees

    Hi, I don't see a big difference. One part of it is the time of the lap is not same so cars are in different spots so it can't be used good reference and secondly they don't have the same drive line, so angles of the wheel has to be different.
  10. I have no problem with having Hamilton and Vettel in one team if this move happened offseason. But I really doubt Vettel would like to move from a winning Ferrari to Mercedes midseason, for multiple reasons. Firstly, why he should leave the team while it is winning and risk loosing champion title while has a team build around him? Also it is a rival team, not a team from the "same team family" or "alliance" - so drivers/teams have some contracts which they have to be paid off to become free to leave. I hope they implement midseason transfers "only" for the teams from the same "alliance" or minimalise it to level, where looks realistic. And I believe they can make it.
  11. SmiX

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    @Koekenbakker28 Thanks! My bad. I've thought there are other tracks as were before, probably confused with F3 and recent years.
  12. SmiX

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    The problem is, it is not "full F2 season" if there are not all the tracks. That's what they "lie" about. It's just racing in F2 car on some tracks which are part of the championship and on some which are not. IMO it is confusing and misleading marketing words edging with lie. edit: Sorry, my bad, I thought there are other tracks as were in previous years.
  13. SmiX

    My car AI on others screens

    Actually, you need to have open NAT for every peer2peer game to mitigate connection problems. It depends on your platform, how to do it, anyway, basically you have to forward all necessary ports to the target machine with the game (PC/Xbox/PS). First answer for googling "port forwarding F1 2018" https://portforward.com/f1-2017/ (AFAIK ports didn't changed)
  14. SmiX

    My car AI on others screens

    X on the car means there are no connection to the player and car is simulated/driven by AI. What is your NAT settings? You should have open NAT and the player who has the X on you should have it too, otherwise there will be problem like that.
  15. SmiX

    Online lobby connection issues

    What's your NAT type? You (and all other players) should have open NAT type, otherwise you will get problems like this one.