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    My car AI on others screens

    Actually, you need to have open NAT for every peer2peer game to mitigate connection problems. It depends on your platform, how to do it, anyway, basically you have to forward all necessary ports to the target machine with the game (PC/Xbox/PS). First answer for googling "port forwarding F1 2018" https://portforward.com/f1-2017/ (AFAIK ports didn't changed)
  2. SmiX

    My car AI on others screens

    X on the car means there are no connection to the player and car is simulated/driven by AI. What is your NAT settings? You should have open NAT and the player who has the X on you should have it too, otherwise there will be problem like that.
  3. SmiX

    Online lobby connection issues

    What's your NAT type? You (and all other players) should have open NAT type, otherwise you will get problems like this one.