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  1. I take it this mirror is for PC - anything for the PS3?
  2. The AI still displays more racing intelligence than a number of online racers. The knocking and banging of the AI I can deal with, where some online racers are so bad I just give up and leave.
  3. Afraid not. Why not? Why is the PS3 version a lesser version of GAS?
  4. Unfortunately staying off the racing line is often not enough to protect you from the rammers (aka 'bumper car drivers'). As they come flying into the corner to fast out of carelessness or intentionally planning on using you as a berm, if you're already in the corner there's nothing you can do. I know, I've often stayed well off the line when others are coming up from behind to provide them room to pass, but to no avail, getting hit in any case.
  5. Haven't been kicked for no reason, in fact haven't been kicked at all, but related to this topic had an experience today when a racer on speaker, in touring, starts complaining about my 'dirty racing' and tells others to vote me off, this after a few races when the only contact I had was others hitting me. What's more, as the racing goes on this same racer several times apologizes to others for hitting hitting them and his contact indicator is yellow while mine is green. Would have liked to have messaged this guy to ask him what his problem was, but can't find a way of doing so. Oh well.
  6. I know this has been brought up before, but it's worth repeating - CM, please add mirrors. I always use the 'over the hood' view as it provides what I find to provide the best perspective. Unfortunately it also leaves you blind to what's going on behind and beside you. Yes, we can button select rear and side views, but this disrupts one's focus on the track ahead, and using manual shifting on a PS controller doesn't leave enough left/right buttons to even access the three rear/side views anyway. Adding rear and side mirrors would potentially be a significant benefit in reducing collisions.
  7. Have been playing GAS for a couple of months now, coming from about a year of playing Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo's physics are, for the most part, more realistic and the ability to tune a car in GT is far superior and I prefer that you can buy tuning/upgrades in GT regardless of having achieved an XP level (just like in real life racing, how much you can throw at the car depends on how much money you have available, not what the car has achieved in races). The reason I've switched from GT to GAS was the AI. GT's AI is dumb and boring, leading to the offline racing being time trials with moving
  8. It's not taking the racing line that's being discussed here, rather speed management through the line. The suggestion by the OP is what I'd call a 'slow in - fast out' approach in lieu of a 'fast in - fast out' approach. In general, the latter is the most common approach in real racing with more passing taking place on braking than acceleration, requiring a 'fast in' approach, with a 'fast out' still needed to avoid losing the pass to a better drive out of the corner by the competitor. I think the OP's idea is to achieve a better drive out of the corner by using a slower approach leaving mor
  9. HypoToad - Appreciate your posting the suggestion, and, if you're going to start quoting Jackie, well, what can I say but of course I'll try it! This past May I visited the national museum in Edinburgh and was pleasantly surprised to find, prominently displayed near the entrance, Tyrell chassis 003 that JS drove in all but one of that year's F1 championship winning campaign. A great car piloted by an even greater driver.
  10. Hmmm...not so sure of this strategy. It seems to me that you'll end up with a number of the AI cars passing you in the corner entry as a result of their harder braking (I'm assuming here you've qualified at the head of the pack or nearly so). Also, with the corner filled with AI cars, they'll be in the way of your slingshot. The corner entry part is, however, a strategy I use fairly frequently in multi-player online racing where being late to the first corner is often an advantage, letting the crowd of bumper car racers take each other out while I motor through the mayhem. Doesn't always work
  11. I wouldn't want a printed manual, in fact, referring back to my previous comment about my experience in software development, we stopped providing printed manuals and providing pdf's instead because customers didn't want printed manuals. A pdf manual would be fine or, for that matter, an online manual or alternate source of information. I understand in the case of GAS, however, CM does not make any source of information about the product other than the minimal 'quick start guide' that accompanies the software, leaving much to wonder about. At the risk of repeating myself, it's amazing to me th
  12. Photonik, kimdurose...re: documentation - OK, I get the picture.  :\ Coming from a background in software development where we spent a lot of time and effort creating documentation for users, it's a real shame CM does not provide comprehensive documentation. I realize we're talking game software, rather than a serious software tool, still, it seems odd for CM to have spent so much effort developing features, many of which I expect go unused because users aren't aware of them.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply, Photonik, but, more generally, where can I find comprehensive documentation about GAS features and controls? The above questions were just the first two that came to mind, I'm regularly coming across others aspects that are not clear to me.
  14. Have been playing GAS for a few months now, online and offline, and there are a number of aspects of the game that remain a mystery to me that I expect would be answered by a comprehensive manual or similar. For example; 1) In multi-player online racing, what is the meaning of the exclamation points in a colored circle (white, yellow or green) next to a racer's name? 2) What is the impact of maintenance or damage percent to performance; i.e. how much performance degradation does a 90% or 80%, etc., level make? These are a just a couple of a number of outstanding questions, answers for which I
  15. Arrows? Sounds like arrows that indicate when there is someone beside you, and to which side, as in GT6. Would love to have these...where are they? I've never seen them in GAS, playing on a PS3. Is there an option somewhere that needs to be turned on to see the arrows?
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