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  1. seem's like other codies games are getting the rift treatment like grid auto sprot and toybox turbos. shame f1 wont be getting it.
  2. will there be vr support like there will be in grid autosport i know i would buy this game if it had. if not i think i'll skip this years and wait for 2015.
  3. well i won't be bothering with 2014 think i'll get project cars this year and then see what 2015 has to offer next year. its sad news the 2014 will be based on old tech!.
  4. hi there seem to have a stutter issue when running a race on the street tracks and all other tracks run fine. when on the street tracks at certain points the frame rate drops and i get stuttering.i get 60fps(with v-sync) all the time apart from the street tracks any help would be good.thanks system spec belowAMDx8 FX 8350 o.c'd 4.7ghz (water cooled) | motherboard ASUS Sabertooth 990fx | 16gb ddr3 1333mhz ram | 2x MSI 3GB hd7950 boost edition in Crossfire | Xfi soundcard | Windows 7 64bit |  Logitech G27 all drivers upto date. Running @ 2560x1440.
  5. try deleting you graphics config file had this issue with a dirt game and it worked. its in c/documents/mygames/FormulaOne2013/hardwaresetting
  6. no not a thing seem to only happen in career mode. 
  7. every time i go in to the pit during practice and qualifying my car gets repaired for damage even thought there is none?  no i have not hit anything does any one other then me suffer from this?
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