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  1. After 3 months and a lot of messages and e-mails to the codemasters "support", they erased for a second time my online profile on racenet !!!! and they didn't fix it !!!
    More of that they don't answer me because there is 0 codemasters support team, they do not care about you, their curstomers.

    They only want to try fixing problems in dirt4 but they will NEVER fix problems in Dirt Rally !!!
    The only way to punish it is to boycot Dirt 4 !
    When Dirt 4 will be out you will have a very poor support, and we must NOT accept this !!!

    We must be solidary drivers !

  2. If you plan to buy Dirt 4, you must know that there will be no support for it, as for Dirt Rally.
    They deleted my online profile (racenet and so ingame), so I wrote them an e-mail. 3 months later and some other messages, 0 answer...

    So I asked large communities to boycot Dirt 4.
    They do not take me seriously? Ok it's now more than 2500 people alerted of the bad practices of Codemasters with their customers.

    Thank you for any help which will be appreciated, and if you are hurted by my message, just think that it could be YOUR 200 hours (or more) Dirt Rally account that could be deleted to 0, all 200 hours lost and nobody to care about it.

  3. My last opened post, customers, see how we are not important for the team principal....
    When they are wrong they close posts and delete or block threads.

    You won, my last actions will not be here because you help nothing, but in socials, where millions people will see what you do to customers.
    I really didn't want to have to do this, but you don't let me the choice.

    You have been warned and have done nothing to arrange things, so you are assuming what is going to be shown to your customers via facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.

    (I made every needed screenshot, so deleting my posts is usefull and discredit you)

  4. As I told you, I have a very large community that can be behind me when needed and will not hesitate to make things happen with their own accounts. You think you are untouchable, do not be so sure.
    I am sure that my nickname will remain for a long time in your memory if you continue not to take into account this data erase problem.

  5. You censor my messages? even better.....
    Censor or ban my account, I will open other and other accounts and posts until the problem is fixed.

    Players confidence is based on the support/help that they can have in case of problem, do not neglect it. But they surely don't like to read that the problem will be examinated when they want to. You are a company, we are customers, WE feed you every day.

    The basics needed to be re-explained...

  6. 1- You know like me that when things are frozen some actions help solving problems
    2- The only answer in 2 months, is that they will take a look when they can, this MUST NOT BE A SUPPORT ANSWER !!!! It's inacceptable !
    3- I work too in a customer service, and even if I can not process the application immediately, I inform as soon as I receive the request for a response period. I posted my problem the 10 february, and asked again the 19, and the 26, and 8 march before having a first contact (not an answer). We are the 30 march, if I don't put pressure or real actions in socials, nobody will fix the problem, beacause it's not MY problem, but a potential GLOBAL problem.

  7. Jailed because I'm embarassing for them, I'm going to show on socials their obvious lack of professionalism and reveal to futur DIRT 4 potential owners what they must care...
    Nobody searched for a solution, the support is totally dead, only 2 or 3 community managers are "alive" but never answer... World must know that. Nobody seem competent.

  8. Hi,
    Why was my Racenet profil deleted ?
    I'm on https://www.dirtgame.com and I lost all my datas, ingame it created a new profil.
    Tried to put the 310560 backed up folder but still get the new profil with near to 0 money, 0 carreer skills/cars/etc etc etc.

    Tried to check steam files but same problem, it's not a local problem but a racenet data problem.
    Need you to put my backup when profil was still there.