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  1. It's a joke this is still a bug I had this happen to me again five times now and the most recent 1 P***ed me off the most i was in the points and so was my team mate best team finish and then second 2 last lap i get the warning again then as soon as i cross the line disqualified. I really hope this is a high priority bug as it's game breaking and make people not want play the game. I am just annoyed at the moment.
  2. Just had this happen to me again I was about to get a win in the my Team mode in japan as the AI seem really bad there considering I was getting about P16 before then all off a sudden I am over a second Faster then everyone at Japan but the game wanted to Disqualify me instead. I even pitted on the second too last lap to softs just in case i get P10 or something so i can get a point but as soon as i left the Pit i got DSQ. I wasted 50 mins of my life again.
  3. I broke my front wing on the First lap so i changed tyres from soft to mediums on the First lap and at the end of the race I got Disqualified from the race for using the right compound of tyres. It's like it didn't count i had soft tyres on at the beginning of the race.
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