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  1. Sorry if this has already been answered, but I just took a look at 2.0's pre-order-stuff and am kind of confused. What's up with the part about the Opel Kadett?
    Does it work like with the Porsche in that you can't access the car at all if you don't pre-order (at any of those "specific retailers", whoever they are)? Or is it only an "early unlock" like those 5 deluxe-edition cars?
    (Please let it only be the latter ... I really dislike retailer specific incentives, especially if it's not just cosmetics or similar, but actual content) :(

  2. KickUp said:
    Yes, new voices is something I would like to do. The system should allow us to do it if the business decides to go ahead with additional content. 

    Thank you for answering, that sounds interesting indeed :)

    Now I feel a little bad not having asked you whether you'd consider coming out of "retirement" yourself in this case as well, as I really enjoyed your codriving in Dirt Rally.
    I think you provided the most immersive in-game pace notes to date in Dirt Rally (I can actually see myself somewhat confused not having "you" trying to keep me on stage in Dirt 4!). A lot of Dirt Rally's "intensity" on stage was greatly influenced by your pace note-delivery (+ you being shaken about while recording them), I feel. Quite intrigued how close Dirt 4 will be able to come to D:R in this respect, as the notes have to be "pieced together" a lot more, as far as I understand it.
  3. +1 to a hawkeye Impreza in DiRT 4. It has been like a "signature car" of the Dirt series to me since Dirt 1. I would love to see it return (even if it was only as a group N car).

    On another note, Petter mentioning his codriver when talking about his accident in the trailer made me think - wouldn't it be cool to have Phil Mills as an optional codriver in Dirt 4? Maybe it's just me, but the kind of "rhythm" the guy's got delivering pace notes is pretty awesome! I'd even consider his delivery... like...quite enjoyable to listen to.

    @kickup (Sorry for the DLC-related question)
    If you guys were to decide to work on DLC for Dirt 4, would additional codriver-options even be something you would consider "feasible" to produce as DLC?

  4. AnegloPlz said:

    A bit late for it, but have you guys noticed the AI in rallycross? As the video shows, to me it seems way far from the "passiveness" of Dirt Rally, the way the AI cars overtake each other, do little errors and try to be aggressive really bring the feel you are actually driving in the real Wrx championship. Kudos to codemasters on that.
    Oh yeah, and the sound of the cars and sunny  Wales <3

    Yep, I thought I noticed something about the AI as well. Let's hope the switchback-kind-of-move Cyber-Kristofferson pulled on lap 2 wasn't just a happy accident. And in turn the AI being more "racey".
    The rallycross AI has been somewhat bothering me in D3 and D:R, as it seemed to stamp on the brakes as soon as they came close to your rear bumper, so they weren't much of a threat once you got past them - unless you made a mistake of course.

    On a completely different note @kickup, IIRC the soundtrack of DiRT 4 contains licensed music again (like D2 and D3), right? In which "parts" of the game will we be able to listen to it? (like only during Replays, or does it play in the service area as well - or even in the main menu, too?)
    I hope this hasn't been asked too many times before - apologies if it has.
  5. The More I read about Dirt 4, The More i am fascinated With it..
    Career Mode with Team Branding seems to be great. With a lots of  Cars and hope for long list of Events in Career Mode.
    Same here, the DiRT 4 hype train is picking up steam at an alarming rate the more I read/hear about the game (except some minor "worries" like whether there will be more/louder turbo flutter/chirping or if the Impreza N12 will not make a comeback (again)).
    And I'm also hoping for quite an expansive number of events in career, or even some rather "open ended" endgame, where you can make full use of the team you've built up during the course of the career (e.g. something along the lines of the "Custom Championship" in D:R).
    Makes me wonder whether/how much the "My Team" aspect will carry over to other parts of the game (like Online modes) as well.
  6. On the subject of cars that may or may not be in Dirt 4, I'd like to take a shot at this DiRTy gossiping-thing as well:
    Since according to the announcement trailer the theme of DiRT 4 seems to be 'be fearless', the Subaru Impreza N12 (I hope I'm right on the nomenclature here D: ) that was in Dirt 2, 3 (and 1?) simply has to make a comeback, right (@kickup )? I mean how are we supposed to show exactly how fearless we are if not by tackling the stages in a car that literally states that there's 'No Fear' (the Colin McRaes liveries available in the games) involved on the driver's part?
    (I might have gone a little bit overboard with the confirmation bias and wishfull thinking here)
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