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  1. LocoVarrido

    Why no Custom weather for career?

    If it means, for someone, to have fun maybe it is a valid option.... good idea!!!!! It is a GAME!!!! I think CM should decide whether this game is for players or pilots!!!!! In the beta test only Pilots deserve to test.... and the opinion of players who only want to HAVE FUN driving (not be a professional player), does not matter?!!!
  2. LocoVarrido

    Why no Custom weather for career?

    I totally agree with you. If I was a hard player, like i think you are, I would feel the same.
  3. LocoVarrido

    Why no Custom weather for career?

    Sure... but it is YOUR choice!!!! I would like to choose to turn off dynamic weather, play in my level (85) of difficulty, enjoy and have a lot of fun playing the game the way I like!!!!
  4. LocoVarrido

    Why no Custom weather for career?

    Everything is ok... the game is an arcade and the only simulation is the weather (and it fails), you have options to use ABS, traction control in career (real life does not have that), but you can not change weather conditions!!!!! So if I want to feel like real life playing (or not), just let me choose it!!!!
  5. The multiplayer doesn't work properly on a single one platform... It's really hard to believe that it would work on more than one.