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  1. I had some issues with my G27 when my xbox controller was also plugged in.
  2. This game should use the historical rain average per year on a season (real life) to determine the maximum times of rain in the game. I don't know exactly how many times it is, but for sure we never had more than 4 or 5 rainy weekends in real life on a year.
  3. Maybe they should talk to Lando and Russel about F1 cars... to gain some more input!!!
  4. I just don't think Lando was involved!!!! hahahah
  5. You are not alone!!!! hahahah
  6. @marioho is that handling path the same already given to e-sports players? Maybe there are some reviews coming from them!!!!
  7. That is frustration at high levels!!!!! I am not certain about this, but i think the online players are the majority in the game and yet the online part of the game has the same bugs for years and it is getting worse!!!!
  8. I'm afraid it could bring more bugs than any realism that comes with it!!!!
  9. The F1 game needs support to VR... maybe it might improve the field of view and the depth perception!!! Also you don't need a big rig to play with it!!!!
  10. LocoVarrido

    F1 Race...

    Did Hamilton and Max Verstappen have the same problem as the league race last week?!!!!! ahuahuahu
  11. Maybe EA comes to help on the improvements of the online part of this game.... everybody who plays online knows there are the same problems for years. They change the interface but the core is always the same. It is time to make the things better or it will affect the publicity of real F1 with this unplayable (online) game.
  12. So... The game is broken in its conception!!!! To fix that they need to do it again from the very beginning.
  13. For sure we paid for something that was supposed to work properly since it was released!!!
  14. I have had the same issue with my xbox controller and my G27 connected to my PC.
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