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    F1 2020 won't release on the next gen already. It will take a year or 2 to make a game which is compatible with PS5 and Xbox X series with their supplies
  2. Tahiti

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    It’s very for me but I’ve seen this glitch 2019 and 2018 so far on my PS4
  3. Tahiti

    Good Start Launch

    Simple answer no
  4. In career mode Australia In every save after the patch if I’m pitting the hole throttle glitches and my car is slowing down. It’s so annoying to see this issue and it forcing to retire most of the time
  5. This year I’ve seen the upgrades I’ve bought mostly fail. Compared to last game the this bug is effective in my career mode I can’t even improve my ded slow Williams
  6. Tahiti

    Pad vs wheel

    ye in f1 right but the wheel have an advantage with the f2 cars
  7. Tahiti

    F1 2019 Patch Note

    it's not aviable yet ask the forum please
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    Photo Mode Bug [ZX]

    It’s broken on PS4 too
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    F1 2019 Assists

    What I’ve seen so far it’s more easier to lock up and the car wants to slide more than 2018
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    2019 Car performances are not realistic

    Codies have said that the game will have a day one patch to fix the car performance
  12. Yep that’s my number gone to I’ll miss the number 71
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    Legends June 25 Availability

    You need to pre order the legend edition
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    And they removed it
  15. Tahiti

    Helmet editor

    Codies will maybe announce the editors for career mode at E3 but For some reason MotoGP 19 will have a similar editor as gran turismo sport so I’m hoping a different helmet editor
  16. Can we have Nordic cover art version with Bottas and Raikkonen in the cover