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  1. Coffer

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Not exactly a surprise when the game, after being marketed so well, turned out to be a remarkably soulless low budget letdown. The forums are notoriously poorly moderated too.
  2. Coffer

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    The issue is inconsistent from race to race. You had 10 pages to realize this.
  3. Coffer

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I've set multiple WRs in the rain in the past, especially in 2018. There's a difference between just being out of practice for these unusual conditions and having to deal with an ongoing bug, especially as the problem lies in a single area (traction) and is not consistent from race to race, even on the same track.
  4. Coffer

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    All you need to do to figure that out is to turn on the in-game telemetry and use a tool of any sort. The AI strictly uses the default setup in all situations, including wet races, and yes, their default setup is identical to your own so they don't use different "presets" or anything like that. It's strictly a problem with the simplified physics. Because the AI plays by different rules compared to the player, they will be affected differently in any given situation. Before 2019 the problem was strictly with fast corners where the AI had significantly higher front grip than the player, but now the traction is affected as well. This is without even taking into account their use of ABS and their significantly higher ERS harvest rate (both also confirmed by the telemetry). The bug's inconsistency is also nothing new for the series, as 2017, the other game in the series with an inconsistent AI traction problem, happily showed us every now and then.
  5. Coffer

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I'm not going to get into the colossal disaster that is the rest of this conversation, but there's a very simple answer to this, one that applies to racing more than most other things in life: by making everything be second nature to you. The less you think about your actions, the more time and energy you have to invest into not making mistakes and staying at a consistently high level. This is exactly how Senna and especially Schumacher thrived, and it's why they both also heavily pioneered the idea of making yourself as physically fit as possible. Learning the moves that you need to perfect (aka "challenging yourself") is only the first and most trivial step. Anyone with two brain cells can try different things. What matters is being able to put those into practice every single time without even thinking about them and doing them with a high success rate, like Hakkinen did with his crazy corner entry technique.
  6. Coffer

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    The AI uses ABS too, so don't worry too much about that. Go into a replay and use some sort of track marker to figure out where they're braking, then try to emulate what they did. If you miss the corner, odds are it's indeed because the AI are bugged, as when it happens it usually reflects through them having simply too much grip.
  7. Here's the mod so you don't have to spend too long looking for it. And yeah, the general lack of options and customizations in this series is a constant letdown, especially compared to other games. Sliders shouldn't even be difficult to implement, yet even the difficulty didn't have one until a couple of years ago.
  8. If you're on PC then there's a mod for it. It would be nice to have a slider for it so console versions can have something like that, but with some of the console versions struggling this year (a welcome change considering the PC version has suffered massively for 4 years now due to Denuvo and poor overall optimization) I'm not sure they'd be able to handle that.
  9. Coffer

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Finally happened to me in China. Race started dry but turned wet within 4 laps, and immediately the AI started to crush me. Them being over a second faster in the final sector very strongly seems to point to them having excellent traction.
  10. Coffer

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    The fictional drivers are completely fine. They've done that sort of drama before and they've straight up done it well - just look at TOCA Race Driver 1 and 2. The dynamic just doesn't work well with a real series like F1 because of the license limitations, meaning they can't implement the same system and the same sort of interactions you have with Butler and Weber with the real drivers. Same reason why the AI driver helmets don't change their sponsors or why you've never been allowed to have sponsors on your helmet at all - someone's going to complain about it, and there's little they can do about it. Plus, F1 is all about the drama. Always has been, always will be. Take that away and you remove a big chunk of what makes F1 the sport that it is. There are always other simracing titles for you to play (focused on other, much simpler motorsports like rallying or GT3) if you don't like that, like iRacing for some actual serious multiplayer, or ACC if you're masochistic enough to really want to know what it's like to play a hollow and broken game. For the most part, your options are either not feasible for a multitude of reasons (more realistic damage, sponsors, real world driver helmets, other tracks), already done with mods (visor cam, sponsors, realistic damage), unarticulated (F2 that "actually impacts your F1 career options" how? let your accomplishments and on-track behavior decide your stats and rep how?) or straight-up bewildering (team management, thinking that driver transfers in and of themselves take away from the realism, your multiplayer car argument). You're confusing design with implementation and completely misinterpreting F1 as a whole. Stuff like this is why developers never take such threads seriously, because they know what it's like to have ambitions be shot down by the reality of the world.