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  1. Coffer

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    If their lead designer is someone who thinks teams can fix any internal and external damage yet somehow can't clean up the bodywork after a championship, then he's out of his mind and doesn't deserve his job. "Jeff, I've got a replacement for that door that Nathan McKane smashed." "No, Robert, that's too clean. Drag that door through some mud and grass and then come back to me."
  2. Coffer

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Honestly, even just something like this would've made the game a hell of a lot more memorable.
  3. Coffer

    Rumble strips

    At least in most cars it's easy to save on both the pad (provided you change the settings) and the wheel, but yeah, it's definitely exaggerated.
  4. I don't disagree with any of the rest, but he is actually a console gamer and has been for a long time. Quite some remarkable titles under his belt actually, given that he's also a weeb and a big fan of the Tales series. I fully expect him to be at least decent at a game like this, but I don't expect him to have any interest in playing it in his spare time because... it's just not that good. At least I can humiliate him in the best way possible.
  5. Coffer

    Ai give you no space

    That's the problem. The racing line isn't dictated by the moment the car in front brakes, otherwise anyone could brake check like an idiot (cough Hamilton cough) and get away with everything. Right now, that's exactly what's happening - if you don't have your car even just a pixel alongside theirs when they brake, they will pretend that you don't exist until they've fully completed the corner, which is utterly wrong. It especially affects those who drive cars that are good under braking but don't have a high top speed (Red Bull), but it generally hurts everyone to some extent because unlike the player, the AI has no engine wear and thus always runs perfect engines in career mode, giving them more straight line speed than you. It also goes without saying that the higher the difficulty, the bigger the problem is, as not only does the AI have the innate gamepad TC, medium ABS and much higher energy harvesting rates according to the telemetry, but they also outright have more power and therefore more straight line speed on the 100%+ difficulties. The AI basically only knows how to race itself. This is why it always forms conga lines, especially in the rain, as it never makes risky moves unless the usual script triggers, which is pure RNG. It's also a big reason why Red Bull always sucks for the AI in this game. This is exactly where you're wrong. It sounds like you're too used to overly safe racing. Are you racing on an overly low difficulty? I did have that happen to me a few times, but only when playing in MP with a couple of friends, when the AI made a scripted mistake, or when I had a stutter or a frame drop. Generally the AI has major problems if it has to deal with things like lag or high CPU usage, the latter problem being hugely exacerbated on PC because of Denuvo.
  6. Rather they focused on balancing it out, honestly. The AI is stupidly OP in some cars (stock trucks) and tracks (longer versions of Okutama) and stupidly weak in other situations unless you turn them into a nemesis and give them infinite rubberbanding.
  7. A story. CM spent all that money on Alonso when in all honesty they already had good characters they could've built on, even just through their presence in the past games. Remember how simple TOCA Race Driver 2's progression system was? It was still bearable because the player character's charge in the Shark Team Challenge motivated you to keep going, even when the game got weird. You'd straight up feel the same sort of weirdness everyone around your character felt when doing all those weird races mandated by the Challenge, only to have that weirdness replaced with hype upon getting the chance to eliminate one of the best contenders by forcing them into a 1v1 in conditions they were deeply uncomfortable with (ice!). You rarely ever needed to win, you just needed to survive, which usually meant staying within touching distance of Cesar and Stellan, solidifying them as actual threats, something you rarely get with anyone in the new GRID until you get to the world series. Cesar turning out to be a good guy? Stellan literally threatening to kill you in the final showdown for the F1 seat? Cheesy, yet memorable, and memorability is something that the new game sorely lacks. We don't even have to limit ourselves. The original TOCA Race Driver game gave you a lot more options, options that were nicely intertwined with the story of our favorite old McKane. From losing your father to seeing your brother be injured by the same guy, to finally having to take him down in the LMGTS championship despite his Viper having a 100kph advantage over your measly Supra, you're compelled to follow his cheesy story all the way through, and it's not like the gameplay is in any way hurt by the addition of these story elements. Something like this might be niche and not really in demand, but would it, in any way, have cost the development team any more than bringing Alonso in did? People obviously know Alonso, but you already know what GRID fans know, remember and love: Ravenwest. There would've been plenty of room to add something substantial pertaining to them in this game. To give a few examples: Autosport and its aftermath: Who won the final championship in the end? Did Leo Garnier leave of his own volition or was he kicked? Harrison Carter being confirmed as the player character in Autosport would've gone a long way towards explaining why he suddenly became Ravenwest's #2 driver following McKane's apparent retirement from racing. Nathan McKane and Rick Scott: Autosport comes painfully close to overtly confirming that the two of them are the protagonists of TOCA Race Driver 1 and 2 respectively. "Getting out in front and vigorously defending his lead"? Suspiciously similar to the biggest exploit in the first game: the player always getting a much better start than the AI, and the AI always struggling to overtake if you just constantly blocked their path. That game's protagonist just so happens to be Ryan McKane, and justifying a name retcon wouldn't be difficult. The same goes for Rick Scott, who is both an open-wheel champion (in line with the single season of F1 you can do with the Shark Team after beating the final boss) and a drift expert (in line with both the weird challenges from 2 and the Shibuya boss fight in the old GRID), things that are also hinted at in his Autosport description. In fact, the Shark Team is actually present as one of the teams in the old GRID. Why not build on their characters a bit more by confirming their involvement in the past games and featuring them in cutscenes? We even know what Nathan is supposed to look like, courtesy of Ryan. Other characters: Sergio Alvarez, the demonic world record beating AI from Dirt 4, is present in this game... and he's terrible. Why? Even just a simple description of his past achievements would've sufficed. And don't get me started on the characters from GRID 2 that didn't make the cut, like Bruno Silva, despite others having miniboss, boss or even (undeserved) final boss status. I get the feeling that I would be far from the only one who would've been interested in something like this. Perhaps even as a prequel to the original GRID, explaining the creation of Ravenwest and how Nathan McKane and Rick Scott came to be partners. If nothing else, it would've been a lot better than what we ended up getting.
  8. Coffer

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    Spirit of the game. GRID's supposed to be an arcade series. Autosport tried to add sim-ish elements and failed badly at it, to the point where it didn't even feel like the GRID 2.5 that it was. A GRID game is supposed to mirror one of two things: the original, or the TOCA Race Driver games (specifically 1 and 2). They didn't exactly bother listening this time either - this game's execution is nothing short of woeful. Even the small touches that you'd normally expect Codemasters to add, like story continuity, are missing. Poor Leo Garnier and Sergio Alvarez have been utterly shafted despite having literal final boss status in previous games (Grid Autosport and Dirt 4 respectively).
  9. Coffer

    Is it me or is the input dying out?

    Wouldn't surprise me as basically everything I've seen from it in my 20 hours of playing it so far makes it look like something that the A team developed, aka the F1 team. Why in the world is their B team (the one working on Dirt Rally 2) significantly more competent and serious than their A team?! Year after year this is made painfully clear. The only ones who seem to be doing any meaningful work at all are the artists, but it doesn't look like they ever have much to do because the actual developers don't ever really add anything meaningful to the games. It's always just a bunch of shoddy half-baked features that sound good when advertised but turn out to be so poor in their execution that even I could do a better job of it on my own.
  10. Coffer

    Codemasters Fix the slow AI issues

    Are you not qualifying before every race? The AI cheats in those qualifying sessions, but without doing that reverse grid completely destroys the AI since the player can get away with things that are much worse than what a Nemesis will do, especially with the glaring lack of damage in this game.
  11. Sorry, but the base PS4 is just that awful. Codemasters have downgraded their games on every device imaginable (most especially PCs) to help you keep up for far too long - it's high time they started looking towards the future, especially with the new generation of consoles being right around the corner.
  12. That's rather proven wrong by the fact that he has the gold Ravenwest medal in his profile, like Rick Scott but unlike Harrison Carter or Leo Garnier. That all sounds like conjecture. And this pretty much proves it, as it's Rick Scott who's the final boss, not Harrison Carter, who's Ravenwest's #3 driver and has lower stats and a lower level than Rick Scott.
  13. Someone finally uploaded some footage of the final race, and while Rick Scott is unexpectedly there, Nathan McKane is inexplicably missing and has been replaced by the much more anonymous Harrison Carter, the final boss of GRID 2. Why? It's not like Nathan's not in the game or anything - he's the final teammate you can get and he has max stats.
  14. Coffer

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Not exactly a surprise when the game, after being marketed so well, turned out to be a remarkably soulless low budget letdown. The forums are notoriously poorly moderated too.
  15. Coffer

    Ravenwest Teammates

    That reminds me - how come the infamous, terrifying, world record beating Sergio Alvarez from Dirt 4 isn't in Dirt Rally 2, but is present in GRID as... a totally anonymous driver? At least it would've been cool if he'd also raced for Ravenwest and been a serious threat, but it looks like the team as a whole has reverted to its 2-driver lineup, with all the ones they brought on board for Autosport like Leo Garnier (the very final boss of that game!) being released. It would've also been nice to touch on their backstory, seeing as it's all but confirmed at this point that Nathan is actually Ryan with an inexplicably retconned name from the original TOCA Race Driver and Ravenwest is the team that he and Cannonball Jack put together.