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  1. DoctorMuerte

    2014 Canada 1:13.263 online setup

    You're still 17 seconds slower than the world record. :D https://racenet.codemasters.com/f12014/track/montreal/timetrial/Top/Dry Will scoreboards be fixed someday?
  2. DoctorMuerte

    2014 Canada 1:13.263 online setup

    I use controller so unfortunately assists are forced on, I hate using assists, tbh I can still do a 13.3 without cutting turn 3 ;) 1) My F1. 2) Settings. 3) Override Input Device Type -> Steering Wheel 4) Assists -> Off. 5) Fixed, now you can show us.
  3. DoctorMuerte

    F1 2014 Career Mode Livestream On YouTube LIVE

    Do this: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/4507/how-to-avoid-prevent-recover-from-a-save-corruption , or post a video with your rage if your savegame gets corrupted. It happened to me today, thankfully I had a backup.
  4. DoctorMuerte

    Corrupt Save .... AGAIN!!!

    I guess what he is trying to say is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKgPY1adc0A @EnsiFerrum take a look at this thread, it won't save you this time, it is not a fix, but it might be useful for the next time: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/4507/how-to-avoid-prevent-recover-from-a-save-corruption
  5. DoctorMuerte

    How to avoid/prevent/recover from a save corruption

    Thank you very much.
  6. Sorry if this has been asked early, but gonna start a carrer and wanted to know what to do to avoid losing the saved data. Do you know what files to backup?
  7. DoctorMuerte

    To buy or not to buy ........that is the question.

    Why do you say that? just check the files I don´t have it so I can´t check that out. You mean they are encrypted or something?
  8. DoctorMuerte

    To buy or not to buy ........that is the question.

    Why do you say that?
  9. DoctorMuerte

    F1 2014 reviews

  10. DoctorMuerte

    @Hatta F1 2014 online

    He did not said anything about the sidepod glitch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-5iWAB1DIs
  11. DoctorMuerte

    Question About the Patch

    Did you read that on this forum? Can you quote on that?
  12. DoctorMuerte

    Fuel saving and techniques!

    I understand, but how do you save fuel by shifting "early" then? Listening to the engine? Shifting even before the red lights showing up? Or the only way to save fuel is "lifting and coasting" technique?
  13. DoctorMuerte

    Fuel saving and techniques!

    So just to clarify, after patch: to save fuel you have to up-shift when the red leds are on, and to go faster you up-shift on the purple leds? (disregarding the blinking)
  14. DoctorMuerte

    Fuel saving and techniques!

    Is it David Beckham on the right side of the car in the box?
  15. DoctorMuerte


    You seem too worried about traps and homosexuality, but thats none of our business.