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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Just to expand of my previous points about braking... I've played the game a bit with ABS and I'm starting to like the game again. Although ABS doesn't seem to work in the way it should. I.e. In theory you should brake quicker without ABS because ABS applies then releases the brakes quickly to keep traction. So if you can sort out the braking without ABS then at least it would give people the option to either learn to use the brakes effectively or suffer slightly worse braking with ABS on. You are certainly giving the advantage to assist users... While I see why I think the way the car spins when you get one rear wheel on the grass in a rear wheel drive car is a bit excessive. Sure the car might break traction and go into a slide but doing a 180 in 0.1 seconds is a bit excessive regardless of having the throttle firmly open or not. Would be nice to be able to catch that slide and continue. If you cannot improve upon this game, which would be nice I hope the developers take on board everything logical and reasonable thus making the next instalment a better game. After all there are a lot of great driving games coming soon...
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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Totally agree. To add also, the view for the far rear view is too low and needs to be lifted up and you can barly see the road, just the damn car.!
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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Im not sure if you can or cannot. But full car tuning is also needed. to give full tunablility
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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Please, please, please can we get a patch for Grid Autosport on the xbox 360! Im an experienced racing game player and sort of know how the car should feel with no assists. Ive had the game for around a month and like the game for the most part but... The main problem thus far is the braking which is especially noticed in the Touring cars. The braking is utter rubbish, there is no rhyme or reason. You NEED to have some logic about it. Having a brake pressure adjustment would be the best as we could then adjust the effective biting point to the brakes and travel of the braking trigger regardless of what control device you use. As standard with no assists the brakes lock far too easily meaning you certainly struggle to brake normally let alone brake late. You NEED to have say 80% brake trigger travel BEFORE the brakes lock giving you a mental picture of how hard you can brake before locking the wheels. If the wheels lock a slight release of brake pressure (brake trigger travel) should then un-lock the wheels so you can bring the car back into control. You could then gauge when you need to brake giving the braking force you have and be consistent. At the moment you cannot! The feeling of grip feels good and likewise the way the car looses grip is also acceptable when at speed. Its just the feeling of grip when braking. The front end of the car is too loose and needs more feedback to the user. You should only hear tyre skidding when the wheels are actually locked, while braking. Otherwise its just pointless and annoying. I REALLY hope you can fix these issues, then it will be really good and playableas well as far more enjoyable...